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  1. ChloeP

    Hay storage idea

    I've recently switched to getting my hay from Haybox (they absolutely love it) but I love a bargain and decided I simply had to get the largest amount as it was the best value...now I have three massive 5kg cardboard boxes sat in the spare room of my fairly small flat 😅 Not like we will have any...
  2. Y2Craig

    Hay storage

    Hi all, We got our latest delivery of Timothy Hay the other day and they've changed from using bags to boxes. It's quite big (9kg), in fact too big to store where we usually do bear the cage. Also, we live in a garden flat so concerned about bugs getting into the box. Anyway, my question is...
  3. adussiaQ

    Storage Recommendations

    Hi all, I couldn’t find a similar thread so I made my own, not sure it’s in the right chat but please move it if it’s not. I’m looking for your recommendations on storage. I buy all my piggie items in bulk and it’s begging to be hard to store. It doesn’t look great and it’s not practical just...
  4. saba

    Hay Storage

    Looking to save some money in the long run and buy hay in bulk. Any suggestions on how to store it to retain the quality as long as possible? Thanks in advance.
  5. Lil3piggies

    Storing Food In The Fridge!

    Hello everyone! I’ve been watching Skinnypigs1’s YouTube videos and she uses fridgesmart Tupperware and says it keeps her veg so fresh even once chopped! I’ve had a look online and can’t find any in the uk and the ones I find for US are really expensive! Does anyone have any good containers...