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strange behaviour

  1. S

    Guinea pig doesn't seem herself?

    I'm scared to post this as I know everyone's gonna come at me over this but atm things are a struggle for me especially with my local area currently being in an extremely strict lockdown. My female guinea pig has started acting different today, all she wants to do is burrow under her fleese...
  2. NumNums

    Male guinea pig is frantic after introducing young female

    Hello. We neutered our male guinea pig almost 3 weeks ago, and he has been living alone for quite some time until now. We do not know his exact age but he is definitely more than 2 years old. We got a new, young female (apparently 3 months old, but from an unreliable source) as a friend...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Beans Acting Strange Since Maple Arrived - Big Weight Loss

    So since introducing Beans to Maple on Thursday they've been getting on okay. No fights but just what I considered normal - some rumbling, chasing, attempting to mount. Maple seems to really want to be near Beans, when she goes for her nap, or just goes anywhere in the cage Maple will follow...
  4. R

    Guinea Pig Making Weird Gurgling Noises?

    My three year old guinea pig just started making some odd noises about five minutes ago. It sounded like his stomach was grumbling but he's never made noises like this before. When I walked up to his cage to investigate he made an odd whining noise. I assumed that he was hungry so I gave him...
  5. B

    Help! My Guinea Pig Is Acting Strange?!

    Hi all! First of all I'm new to the Forum. My name is Shaz, I'm from the UKabd have two youngsters called Bambi and Thumper, no older than 6 months old. Got them both together so they were living together before rehoming. Recently one of my piggies had been acting REALLY strange. Really scary...
  6. S

    Salty - Ill (help Would Be Great)

    My guinea pig, salty is currently ill, and we strongly believe it is associated with pooing as his ass is starting to be very brown (covered in poo) as we constantly clean it (once every two days) as he also squeaks whilst pooing (squeaks at least 5 times) and then lets out a strange squeak. I...
  7. P

    Guinea Pig On Back?!

    This afternoon, my male guinea pig (nutmeg) was in the run with his friend (smudge), halfway in to his tunnel. All of a sudden smudge tried to join him in the tunnel! Nutmeg proceeded to turn on to his back, and smudge lay on top of him. We separated them to prevent suffocation. Is this normal...