1. dinkybutt

    Reintroduction- senior boar afraid of younger boar?

    Hi everyone. A few weeks ago, one of our little boys passed away from a URI leaving his best buddy Nibbler (age: 5.5 y/o). We were afraid Nibbler would become lonely considering him and Yancy had been together since they were very young. 3 days after Yancy’s passing, we adopted Owlie (2 y/o)...
  2. Guineapigsmcr

    Lice / hairloss / stress advice please!

    Hi all I have 2 boy guineapigs, both around 8 months old now. They moved into their new cage setup downstairs last week so I could make their enclosure bigger, I have noticed since then one of my piggies moo, has started to loose some hair around the front of one of his eyes, his other is fine...
  3. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    **Tiny poops (1/5 size as usual)**

    I am going to get the girls into an exotic vet tomorrow asap (it's about 1am here), but in the meantime I need some advice! I'm getting so worried I'm wondering if I should stay up all night with them. Tonight I realised that my girl Lup has been doing poops all day that are tiny, about 1/4 or...
  4. L

    Fire alarm. Stress and hearing concern.

    I have recently just moved out into a new flat. My family still currently have my pigs and I am planning on bringing them up and moving them in with me however last night the fire alarm went off and it was piercingly LOUD! I'm genuinely very concerned that if it was to go off again with them here...
  5. D

    Guinea pigs and barking dogs

    My twin and I just got two new guinea pigs. We thought we did all the research necessary on what they need and how they would react around the dogs. The thing we missed though is that the dog's barking can stress them to death. My dog met the guineas and wants nothing more than to sniff her butt...
  6. Shauni

    Needing A 3rd Piggie?

    Dear everyone, I wonder if i need to buy a third guinea pig. My oldest piggie simba (2 years) recently lost her friend and she has a new friend for 2 months now (she is 4 months old). They really like eachother, but my oldest should be the leader only she is not fit for it. Simba has always...
  7. C

    Sad Guinea Pig (lonely And With Ring Worm) - Advice

    Hello all... I posted a little while ago about having bought 3 male guinea pigs (Sammy, Blaze and Iggle-Piggle) 2 of which were having horrendous fights. I have separated the two conflicting guinea pigs (Sammy and Blaze) and have them living beside each other in the cages... I've kept the...
  8. E

    Please Help Me Help Her!

    Hi, my name is Emily. A few months ago, I fell in love with a guinea pig at a pet store. I didn't get her then, but about a month later I went back to get bedding or something and she was still there. Long story short, I got her and love her so very very much. I have never had guinea pigs...
  9. W

    Runy Nose After Hectic Car Trip

    I took my two guinea pigs to the vet a couple days ago because of a slight crackling noise coming from the nose. The vet said everything was fine with their lungs and it was probably a slight irritation on the nose because of the change of bedding to fleece that could cause a build up of pee...
  10. Lunaandmaggie

    Hair Ripped

    So I came home after being at a friends house and my oldest piggie looks like she was eating the hairs off her but should I be concerned?
  11. CraigGlasgow

    Snotty Nose/sneezing But Clear Chest, Cause For Concern?

    So Weasley's still suffering slightly from his bloat although it is getting better, managing a few days of semi-decent poos enough to start experimenting with veg. He has however throught this whole process had small amounts of eye crust, bouts of sneezing and sort of pulsing/hiccupy motions...
  12. VeganIzzy

    Guinea Pig Stressed And Horny

    So I got two Guinea Pigs yesterday, they are sisters. I handled one today, Parsnip, and she was happy to be out of the cage, however upon Parsnip leaving, Raisin began running around and biting on the cage, so I put Parsnip back in. I am worried however as Raisin has been what seems to be...
  13. Beans&Toast

    Toast's Hair Starting To Grow Back

    After a stressful and painful couple of weeks Toast was barbaring quite badly. She pulled the fur from her chin out and was left with a bald patch. :( Now she's pain free and happy she's stopped barbaring and her little beard is growing back nicely :D:love:
  14. Beans&Toast

    Separation Anxiety..

    Sorry if this isnt the right place to put this but its the only place that seemed most relavent.. Okay so what I'm about to say may sound very silly to most people, but I love my pigs very much and we have a very close bond.. I'm planning on taking my mum away for a few days to a caravan park...
  15. WinnieandBear

    Moving Stress And Worries! Help

    Hello! I just moved into my parents yesterday to save up for mortgages etc. And of course the piggies have moved too. I expected them to be a little quiet for the first day or so but I am super worried! They have the same c&c cage and toys and bedding etc. But this evening I just saw Bear...
  16. PRC

    Travelling Guineas

    I am soon to move from Essex to Wales. I have 8 pigs who currently live in beautifully designed sheds with tunnels to runs in the garden. One shed has 5 males, the other a neutered male and 2 females. They are very spoiled and also fairly wild. The boys are prone to fighting if in too close...