1. fluff.

    What do I do if my new guinea pig gets scared (and starts squealing very loudly?)

    this happened yesterday, but i still would like to know sorry for any incorrect grammar along the way so, like, i got my new guinea pig 2 days ago, set her in a temporary cage to quarantine her for a week, and later picked her up with my other guinea pig, placed them in the playpen, and set...
  2. Zelsi

    Bathing - After effects? Help!

    I have just finished giving my piggy a bath. He had a UTI and had urine in his fur so I decided he needed a wash to get rid of it. Afterwards he was shivery and stressed so I wrapped him in a towel and gave him snacks. I dried him on low-heat with a hairdryer and made sure he was warm, dry and...