sudden death

  1. S

    Both pigs died suddenly :(

    Hi all I’m hoping to get some clarification as I’m going out of my mind trying to think what’s caused this. So yesterday I put my three boars out in their run, they had water, pellets, an iglu dome thing and a large tunnel in there, I’ll admit, I forgot to put a cover over one side of the run...
  2. U

    Sudden Death?

    What can cause sudden death in multiple guinea pigs? In less than 12 hours my 2 male guinea pigs went from perfect health to dead? What can cause this? A week ago i also lost my third male and i just assumed it was of old age and didn't think anything to much of why. I also have a female in a...
  3. A

    Sudden young death (contains images some may find upsetting)

    Hey everyone, I just became a guinea pig owner for the first time 1 month ago. I have an enclosed area with housing, fresh food and water, and some daily fresh veggies (that I checked if safe). The temperature here now ranges from 10C celcius to 24C. They have a house with hay where they...
  4. DanielleParkes

    Pig Died, One Left Behind

    i had two guinea pigs, not particularly old (around 2 years, just under) and 2 days ago found one of the boys dead. The day before he seemed perfectly happy and healthy, so I have no idea what happened. I now have one left, (his cage mate) who seems healthy and is eating and drinking fine since...
  5. Casady R

    Sudden Death

    I had two piggies about 6 months ago and both were well fed with hay and had fresh water. I take them out of the cage and let them roam around my room for exercise but make sure they don't eat anything while they are out. One afternoon I left for work and didn't come back until the next day only...
  6. A

    Sudden Death?

    Hi all, So I owned 4 guinea pigs. 2 of them are around 2 1/2 years old, one is 2 and the other is 1 years old. One of my guinea pigs (purchased from pets at home, big mistake) has had constant health problems over the last 2 years. Originally a few weeks after getting her she was breathing...
  7. lucyjane123

    My Guinea Pig Died So Young

    So earlier my guinea pig George aged 3 died suddenly. He was absolutely fine yesterday until this morning when he refused to eat. We booked him a vets appointment for later as my mum was at work all day. I came downstairs to hearing him making a wheezing noise as well as howling and hiding away...
  8. xkellyrose11x

    Cage Mate After Death?

    My Guinea Pig has recently died and now her cage mate is all alone. I have two male Guinea Pigs in a separate cage, and the now single female in a rabbit hutch. She is two years old. I know Guinea Pigs should be in groups. Should I get a new cage mate for the female, and if so how old? (Planning...
  9. P

    Strange Death

    My family adopted 2 adult males brothers that were given up to a local pet store. They are both very large definately full grown adult boars. We had them a couple weeks initially housed in the small cage we got them in. They started fighting drawing blood. Decided a new larger cage would...
  10. B

    Distraught At Sudden Loss - Vet Baffled - Any Ideas?

    My sons and I are devastated at the sudden death today of our two guinea pigs- first time owners. One year old, happy and healthy, no issues, they were fine this morning when we went out to feed them. Away from the house today, when I went to check on them at 4pm, I found them in the bottom...
  11. Velma poppy pig

    In Memory Of Velma