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sunbathing piggie

  1. Beans&Toast

    Beautiful Beans Enjoying The Grass

    Now that it's a bit cooler outside I thought I'd put Beans on the grass for a while (Toast can't have grass too often as it makes her bloaty). She has an appointment at the vets tomorrow morning to get hormone injections to treat cystic ovaries. So I thought she deserved to stuff her little...
  2. Sach15

    Sun Cream On Pigs?

    hiya I have one lilac pig, a pink eyed white, a torteshell and a ginger and white. One has pink ears, one has a ginger ear and a pink ear, another has a pink ear and a black ear and the lilac has grey. I was wondering do they need to have sun cream rubbed on their ears as they're out in the day...
  3. S

    Sunbathing Piggie

    My guinea pigs' hutch is out of the sun, however there's a patch of sun that hits just in front of the hutch, and when they're in the run my black boar, Nox, loves to sunbathe. (Water isn't an issue, they've got a bottle upstairs and downstairs, and they eat plenty of veg, cucumber and celery...