1. M

    Won’t eat

    Hey I went on vacation and left my guinea pig alone for the weekend. My sister came and check in on her Saturday. ( I left Friday and returned Sunday). Her food, hay, and water was untouched. When I returned she was really excited and began eating. she has lost a little weight though she seems...
  2. Peanutthepigleto

    Dental Teeth missing please help

    Yesterday I noticed that one of my guinea pigs had a tooth at the top missing, today I checked him and the last tooth at the top is missing. Should I rush him to a vet quickly?
  3. Suki&Indie

    Important Advice

    I really hope as many people as possible read this as it's very important (and it's gonna be kinda long so sorry :))) So a year back one of my pigs got kinda sick it's wasn't major and she got over it pretty quick but I panicked and decided to be ready and bought oxbow critical care and...