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Junior Guinea Pig
Dec 17, 2016
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Northern Ireland UK
I really hope as many people as possible read this as it's very important (and it's gonna be kinda long so sorry :)))
So a year back one of my pigs got kinda sick it's wasn't major and she got over it pretty quick but I panicked and decided to be ready and bought oxbow critical care and syringes
Over Christmas my other piggie got sick, very very sick and I did genuinely think she was going die but I remebered about my critical care and began to give it to her and it saved her life
Here's the important part
Since it was Christmas time any chances of buying critical care were gone so if it did not have my stockpile she would have died
So please please whether you've had piggies for years or this is your first time have a stock ready, you can buy it on amazon and in some places in pet stores and possibly vets.
Last important bits
It's expensive I know so if any of you have better/cheaper versions please comment below and help out
Finally (thank goodness you're probably thinking :))) I understand mashing up food is used as an alternative BUT it doesn't have the best nutrients and it's messy trust me!
Thanks for this always pays to have supply of critical Care in the cupboard for emergencies. So pleased your piggy recovered