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  1. B


    Hello everyone! I’m new to Guinea pigs but I’ve done EXTENSIVE research on them. I have a 7 month old & a 4 month old, both males. I had the oldest first and got him a friend. My problem is the bonding. So I put them in a neutral area with lots of hay. Lots of snacks. There has been ZERO...
  2. N


    Hey! I have recently bought a guinea pig and he’s doing pretty well. Very bubbly and gets along well with his cage mates. I have noticed something, he often purrs like a cat. Do they always do that?
  3. Suki&Indie

    Important Advice

    I really hope as many people as possible read this as it's very important (and it's gonna be kinda long so sorry :))) So a year back one of my pigs got kinda sick it's wasn't major and she got over it pretty quick but I panicked and decided to be ready and bought oxbow critical care and...