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  1. P

    Sydney Vet for Bladder Stones

    Hi, One of my guinea pigs, Woody, started peeing blood in his urine a week ago and whining when he does. He pees what only a little bit each time but quite often (8 ish minutes). In the last few days, he become a lot less physically active, always sitting down in one spot and eating a lot less...
  2. ThreeLilPeegs

    Guinea Pig Spay and General Anaesthetic (GA)

    Hi everyone, Hope you can help. One of our rescue guinea pigs, Totoro, needs a spay as the vet can feel cysts and for the last few days these have been causing discomfort (sitting hunched/puffed up). She’s being given metacam twice a day and is booked in to be spayed this coming Wednesday (6th...
  3. appleeater

    Advice for further course of action (Reproductive tract bleeding)?

    So, the post is about my 4.5 year old guinea pig Bean. About 4-5 months ago we noticed spots of blood and some solids (clot?) coming out of her reproductive tract, when we visited the vet he did an x ray and basically said that there were some growths in her uterus but he couldn't see them very...
  4. may_haines

    Abscess advice needed!

    My little piggy, Bing-Bong has just turned 2 and has an abscess on his lower back, diagnosed by vet. They drained it and sent me home with pain killers and directions to clean it with saline twice a day, and flush it with a syringe where I can. Last night I managed to properly flush it and this...
  5. PheiChi

    (Informative) Bone fracture

    Hello! 🐹🐻☁️🐨 I just wanted to post this here and hope it will be helpful to someone, since I didn’t find anything about this issue before! :3 A week ago, my black abby Pearlo had a bone fracture. ): The humerus was fractured. It probably happened when I was letting him down. Talking to the...
  6. Queenjellybeany

    Found a lump 😞

    Hey everyone! Had some bad news recently, my almost 3 year old piggie, Yen Yen, has a lump 😔 I took her to the vets as a strange bald spot appeared on her bum. She has also been struggling to wee and poo recently and squeaks when she goes toilet. The vet said he was pretty confident she would...
  7. M

    Mass found in or around uterus

    Sunday morning (Oct. 9) I picked up my 4-year-old guinea pig, Rummy, to say good morning and noticed blood coming from her genital area. I called multiple ER vets as none near me treat guinea pigs or were even open. We drove an hour and a half to the nearest vet, with all three of our girls, and...
  8. JessFerguson

    Stone Surgery or Not?

    Hi everyone, my male piggie Connor had xrays at the beginning of the year as i found blood in his urine. The xray showed stones so the vet prescribed Baytril and Rheumocam. He's doing really well in himself, always has been. Sometimes when he poops he does squeek, and today ive noticed blood in...
  9. R

    Advice on Boar Cleaning

    Hello friends! My Boar is recovering very well from his neutering (He was neutered Monday 5th September). He had no issues with eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, or walking the second he got home which I was extremely happy about :) I have started to do health checks on him and he weighs 1069g...
  10. Crislynf

    2.5 year old male post op bladder surgery problems

    Hi everyone, My boy Sonic underwent bladder surgery on Wednesday, July 6, to remove a stone shown in the XRAY. However, when they opened up his bladder, they only found a lot of sludge and were able to clean some, but some of the sludge went to his prostate. Thankfully, he made it through...
  11. Cooper & Chris Farley

    Kidney Stone/Whimpering & Crying

    Hey all. My Chris had an x-ray last week which showed a kidney stone. I’m heartbroken, as he is now crying/whimpering a lot. At least I think that is the sound of pain.. I attempted to post a video to see if anyone can identify the sound or is familiar with it but it won’t allow me to. Maybe I...
  12. P

    Tumor near kidney

    I took one of my guinea pigs (Momo) to the vet today after he started acting weird. He wasnt eating and was sleeping too much so i got really worried. At the vet the doctor told me he bas a lump in his abdomen near his kidney. They dont know if its attached to his kidney or not or if its...
  13. Ivo

    Surgery on a guinea pig

    My guniea pig had an abscess some days ago. It had growing inproperly teeth. It had a surgery. Its now OK.
  14. Yurigiri

    Abscess, surgery and behaviour

    I am not sure if this is relevant under this thread. My guinea pig has multiple bite wounds by his friend. A pierce through the ear, a bite wound on his forehead, and two very large abscess on his tummy. He is on pain relief and antibiotics now. Unfortunately, I am unable to squeeze the...
  15. bxth98

    Dental Post-op concerns

    One of our boys went in for surgery a couple days ago for a spur on his tooth and since he came home he doesn’t seem like himself. He’s had little appetite and has even been turning his nose up at his favourite treats, his eyes seem a bit crusty, he’s very lethargic and is sleeping a lot more...
  16. W

    Eye issue

    Hi, I'm wondering if maybe more experienced piggy owners could help me weigh out risks for one of my piggies. I currently share life with 3 senior piggies, however I have one called Butter Ball who has recently had eye issues. We believe he was injured by his now ex-cage mate (they're still...
  17. Xmolxlie

    Spaying a 4 year old female guinea pig with cystic ovaries.

    Hi! I have two guinea pigs that I’ve had since May 2018, I got them from a friend who couldn’t take them with her when she moved, and I know they are a little over 4 years old. My friend had Foxy, the male pig, neutered before he turned 1, and recently I took Kovu my female pig to the vets, and...
  18. mochalily2020

    Overnight neuter procedure

    Hi everyone, My male piggie is due to be neutered this coming week and the vet had recommended he spend the night at their practice. However, when I asked if there is anyone there at night she said no which made me a little anxious because this means that from 9pm-6am there will be nobody...
  19. L

    Bladder surgery cost

    I’m after some general advice please on surgery cost. My piggy Biscuit (male, 3 years) has been diagnosed with bladder stone after an ultrasound and he needs surgery. We have already spent over £300 to get him diagnosed and our vets has now quoted over £800 for surgery! We really can not afford...
  20. N

    Dental Advice after Dental Surgery

    Hi 👋🏻 My pig had dental surgery two weeks ago tomorrow but since then he hasn’t been eating or drinking. He still seems to be interested in food but just sniffs it. He hasn’t gone to his bottle at all since. I’ve been feeding him critical care in the meantime but it’s exhausting and very hard...