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  1. AdamFrench

    Persistent blood in urine, no stones and no pain

    Hi, We’ve got two girls 3 and 4 year old - the 4 year old has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis almost a year ago. She is on continuous pain/inflammatory meds (metacam and tramadol) alongside nutracyst. This seemed to do the trick as her weight is consistent and she’s just a bubbly and...
  2. Flinty

    Charities to help vet costs?

    Hi all, I have a 4 year old neutered male guinea pig who very unfortunately has a bladder stone. After long discussions and thoughts we decided not to opt for the stress and uncertainty of surgery, but to medicate and keep a close eye, intervening when we need to. You'll all know how...
  3. H

    Young Female Guinea pig with abscess! I need help!

    I have two beautiful guinea pigs named Henry and Celestine (both female). Celestine, the younger female piggy, has had struggles with abscesses. She first had an abscess that was lanced and drained and healed but a new one has grown back. The abscess is on her chin/neck area and is quite large...
  4. Kallasia

    Metacam - pain relief

    Hi all! So, after his surgery, Errol has been on 0.3ml of metacam daily. It's helped with his recovery and given older brother Binky some respite for a few hours after Errol takes it - it makes him go all funny, stumbling around and napping loads, like he's high or tripping! I said about the...
  5. Kosson

    Surgery Or Not...

    I have a 4 years old guinea pig (Kosson, born in July to August 2013). In the mid-October 2017, I noticed that the colour of her pee was rather pink, and also she was crying a little when she urinated + lost her appetite a little. I took her to the nearby vet, who is not specialised to exotic...
  6. O

    Orange Pee , Uti?

    Hi, My guinea pig had an orange pee today. And make some sounds while stand still (I'll guess is pain wen he is peeing). I can't get a vet today or tomorrow because is Christmas. And they are all closed. Best chance will be Tuesday the 26 in the morning! What can i do to help him, and make...
  7. Anon--

    Need Some Help

    I'm new to this site and to the situation my guinea pig is in, but anyway to start things off I need to explain everything. So about a week ago my guinea pig, Blake, had to be spayed to remove an ovarian cyst. The operation went fine and everything after that was going well, long story short...
  8. TheLottiediarys

    Can Someone Please Advice Me What My Options Are With An Abcess?

    I'm getting concerned with Anya So she's been to the vets three times in a couple of months with this Abscess now, First they just.. burst it? Cleaned it out with the curved ended syringe and gave us Painkillers and Baytril to sort it, That didn't work so I took her back and it has already...
  9. L

    Feeding Help Needed After Dental Surgery!

    Hello. I'm after some advice after my boar guinea pig had dental surgery this Tuesday. He had lost weight and stopped eating due to overgrown front teeth and molars. Plus he had cracked one of the bottom teeth. He went under a GA and pulled through the surgery. He has been syringe fed since then...
  10. D

    Possible Bladder Stones/infection?

    Last month, my gorgeous 3yr old piggie Robbie passed a huge plug of some kind out of his urethra and had to get it removed by the emergency vet. His normal vet then prescribed him a week's worth of Baytril and said we'd keep an eye on him. He seemed to be doing okay, eating fine and everything...
  11. Parnassus

    Prepping For Post-op Care

    Hi all! I've been casually documenting my preparations to take care of Blade after her spay tomorrow! It's my first time having a guinea pig in for any surgery, so I'm quite nervous. The best way I can settle my nerves is to prepare for anything! Here's Blade (chocolate satin, white pants)...
  12. cheeseandpeas

    Dental Dental Surgery

    Hi I have a four year old pig (Broccoliese) who I rescued two years ago from an owner who didn't care for or feed him properly, he had mites and poorly formed feet but has gone on to do really well with us. I took him to the vet today with A sore area under his chin, the vet asked if he...
  13. B

    Successful Surgeries?

    I have a friend who just discovered that one of her guinea pigs has bladder stones. He is going to have to have surgery, but as it's not guaranteed that he will make it out. Does anyone know what the success rate for a surgery like this is? She's not sure what to do, but of course, doesn't want...
  14. pnwgranny

    Update On Eli

    I can't remember what I posted and what I didn't. Eli has emergency surgery on his teeth instead of having to wait til next week. He had stopped eating and drinking water. My vet said bring him in on Thursday and they syringe fed him critical care during the night and did his procedure...
  15. pnwgranny

    Dental Eli Is Coming Home Today

    His surgery on his teeth went well and we go get him in about an hour.
  16. Matt

    Pig Hopping After A Bladder Stone Operation

    Hi everyone A few weeks ago I noticed my boar called Logan was having difficulty with going to the toilet. My girlfriend and I get him and his friend Toby out to play on the couch each evening with a towel under them and we noticed that there was a bit of blood in his urine. Long story...
  17. Olivitree

    Recurring Lump, Other Options?

    Hello peeps, this may well be the last post I ever do for Tabby, my old lady of 6 and a half, she's got a number of problems at the moment but we are dealing with most. I'm keen to know if anyone knows any methods of dealing with/reducing the size of a recurring lump/tumor other than surgery...
  18. Elgifu321

    Guinea Pig Specialists In The North West?

    I have 2 male guinea pigs that are about four years old, Oswyn (pronounced: Oz-win) and Rupert and both have generally been healthy up to now- in fact the only time I can remember visiting the vets with them was when I found a wart on Ruperts bum It's harmless though but better to be safe than...