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swollen bum

  1. PipandOreo

    Hard area on older female

    Hi, I was health checking my 6 year old female Pip about an hour ago and noticed that her bits were a bit swollen and noticed that the top of her bits was quite hard and looks like it had lost some hair (not sure if it just looks like she’s lost hair because her bits are a bit swollen). She‘s...
  2. AdamFrench

    Multiple Sow Issues

    We are having no luck at the moment. Tao was taken into the vets for a repeat white bum. She had 10 days on Baytril and the symptoms would not remain away. An x-ray showed she had a thickened uterus wall. So another 28 day course, double dose, was prescribed. She stopped eating so the...
  3. J

    Female 5 Mos. Old With Enlarged Bum

    Hello! My sweet Marshmallow seemed to be showing signs of being in heat. She became a little aggravated one night but then settled down with her roommate, another female pickles, and has been fine. The next day I noticed her little bum sticking out. when I picked her up and looked the whole...