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syringe feeding

  1. Teema

    Critical Care, confused?

    Hi everybody, sorry me again regarding Pipsqueak and the bladder sludge saga! We have ran out of critical care and the last bag we had was out of date so had to be chucked! Until Amazon can get us a delivery, we asked the vet if there was anything they can give us. They have given us CCF...
  2. C

    Guinea pig not eating after being spayed

    Hi, My Guinea pig Daisy is 5 years old and 6 days ago she was spayed due to recommendations from vet because of hormonal changes. She hadn’t returned to her usual eating/ behaviour after a couple days so on the follow up appointment we expressed these concerns and was told it can be normal and...
  3. corvidae

    How much water is too much?

    My 6.5 year old guinea pig Lola has recently become obsessed with drinking water from a 1 mL syringe. A week ago, she was sick for 24 hours - weak and unable to walk, and pooping very little (this has happened to her a few times before, vet could not figure out what was wrong). During that time...
  4. T

    Struggling to syringe feed after surgery!

    Last week we noticed blood in Tiny's urine, so of course we took him to the vets. We were given a week of Baytril and Metacam, which we completed with no improvement. We took Tiny back to the vets on Wednesday, and they took an ultrasound and spotted a bladder stone, so he had surgery that...
  5. Nifen

    syringing water

    I'm having to force feed my piggie but I'm noticing he's a bit dehydrated. i started syringing him water which he takes really well however I'm unsure how much water I should syringe him?
  6. DebiGliori

    Post-dental downturn

    Almost exactly a year after his first series of dental grindings, my poor Merry is back at the vet's as an overnight patient. A week ago he had a GA to grind down his back teeth ( apparently they form spurs, which impair his ability to eat) and recovered well from the anaesthetic and was sent...
  7. Guineatte

    Struggling to help my guinea with her breathing issues

    My guinea pig Muschi has had always periods of noisy breathing but until now we have always managed to get it under control. In March she got x-ray and CT scan because I was so sure that it is caused by a heart disease. Her sister died last year of an enlarged heart. But the vet said everything...
  8. RheMae

    Guinea pig wanted to eat, had malocclusion, now doesn't want to eat.

    He was doing so much better. He wasn't eating but he wanted to. He no longer wants to. He won't close his mouth with syringe feeds, he's losing weight. It feels like it happened overnight. He stopped pooping all of a sudden. We took him to 3 hospitals. When I last saw him, about 2 days ago...
  9. A

    Syringe feeding piggie

    my little 2 year old girl has suspected bladder stones, she’s dropped about 400g in a few weeks, our first vet said nothing was up, second has given me medication for her, and referral to an X-ray, my concern is that the critical care they gave me says on the front “give 2mls, every 2 hours”...
  10. T

    Syringe feeding problems 12/2/22

    Please help! What am I looking for to make sure our very poorly Guinea pig is taking his syringe fed CC food? We are currently at the stage where he isn’t moving his mouth at all and I’m petrified of him chocking. We returned from an emergency vet appointment this morning and this is his 2nd...
  11. Alaina

    Sick Guinea pig can’t seem to get better

    Hi i am new to this forum and not completely sure how it works but figured i would try anything for some good advice. My guinea pig Sven got sick about 3 weeks ago with a bad upper respiratory infection, I brought him to the vet as soon as I saw the discharge coming out of his nose and they...
  12. songbird35

    Dental Guinea pig still not able to eat after dental work

    Hi there, first time poster, hope I do this correctly! My six year old guinea pig Pumpkin stopped eating completely two days ago aside from grain. She'd gradually been going off her food. I took her to the vet as soon as I realised how severe the problem had become and it turned out her bottom...
  13. F

    Dental Recovery care for piggie after dental surgery

    Hiya, I’m new to this forum, but was just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips for looking after a piggie after dental surgery. The vet said when they had to remove his fractured bottom tooth a bit of bone came with it and he has a fracture in his jaw. We didn’t expect him to make it...
  14. J

    T-Tot's Story on battling pneumonia and after

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share our T-Tot's story and maybe get some insight from other people with some piggies who may be going through the same thing. (Sorry if this is a long post) My son, Noah, who is 10yo, takes really good care of his T-Tot (almost 1yo). They're best friends, they truly...
  15. LadyLilly

    Dental Syringe feeding - Still not eating 2 weeks after dental

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone would be able to offer some advice for my piggy Lilly (who will be 4 next week! :lol:). She went to the vets on april 8th to get her teeth checked as she had some trouble eating. They checked her teeth (removed some sharp edges and made her two upper...
  16. S

    Worried, please help. (URI/Syringe feeding)

    My piggy is breathing quite fast, she was making soft vocal noises with the out-breath but that has stopped now. She is not breathing as fast as she was when I noticed it (she is sat on my lap wrapped in her blankie). She has been through quite a lot recently and I'm at my wits end...
  17. Sweetpiggums

    Sick pig- advice needed urgent

    Our 3 1/2 year old guinea pig seems to be suffering from a really bad cold. symptoms are: very runny nose, sneezing, has not been eating great the last few days and this morning he had totally stopped eating. After visit to the vet today, where they gave antibiotics, metacam and critical care...
  18. jesse1234

    strange behaviour in my piggie

    hi, new here, just looking for some advice. i have a 2 year old rescued guinea pig named oswald, and he has been concerning me for he past hour or so. he's never had any health issues or concerns prior. when he's eating his hay, not when eating pepper or anything else, he makes a sort of low...
  19. MarioPig

    Dental Syringing water

    Hi guys! I am new to forums so I will apologise now My little piggy Archie (2 and a half) has recently had his dental operation using G.A. (this was before I knew about the Cambridgeshire cavy trust). Since the op rehabilitating him has been extremely stressful as force feeding him has been...
  20. Jeslubur

    Guinea pig lost appetite after neurering - any tips of tricks greatly appreciated!

    Hi, Our piggies were neutered last Tuesday and since then one of them has been feeling poorly and lost his appetite somewhat. Last Saturday we took him to the vets where he was given some medication to get his gut going after I noticed him not eating that morning. After the vet visit he...