1. B

    New guinea pigs taming, 3 girls.

    Hey! I’ve just joined this forum so please bear with me. I’ve recently adopted 3 little sows; they’re beautiful and the most beautiful nature but they are extremely shy [for reference they are all roughly 8 weeks old]. Whenever anyone walks into the room with their cage, they immediately hide...
  2. wheek!guinea

    shy guinea pig

    I have 2 boars, both almost the same age by a few weeks. I got Glacier when he was 3 months and Koji when he was 5 months. Glacier has always been outgoing and not afraid of loud noises or people approaching him, he's curious and gets a lot of zoomies. Koji is the opposite. Even if I approach...
  3. furmom.pau

    It feels like I can never tame them...

    It saddens me that our situation is quite complicated, I've adopted my 2 sows (I'm a new pig mom) last September 23, 2020 and their names are Poppy and Snow. During the first 1 week we've been getting closer and we are truly bonding. They eat on my hands and wheek every time I come and when they...
  4. Jasmined

    Super timid girl to big brave piggie

    Has any one ever had a really timid guinea pig suddenly get really brave? I have a relatively young sow who was THE most timid pig I’ve ever come across, I did my best to make her comfortable with people, other GPs, noises whatever (she was scared of everything haha) and she didn’t show very...
  5. G

    Skittish Guinea Pig and Floor Time and Lap time!

    Hi! I have two guinea pigs. Patches (older) and Carmal (younger). Patches is taking food from my hand confidently, but Carmal does it a bit more skittishly. I made a post about this but the plan didn’t work out. I was going to connect a pen to their cage to let them come and go as they please...
  6. oofitsnaomi

    Taming Process

    Hi! I've had my two boys, Finn and Parker, for about a month and a half. They're settling in well. They've recognized my footsteps and wheek when I come up the stairs with food, I play ukulele for them every single night and they seem to really enjoy that (does anybody want to see a video of...
  7. ToastandBeans

    Taming Pudding!

    Pudding has had a day to settle in, so we got her out with her tube (it’s her favourite hiding spot:yahoo:) and she stayed in there for a while. She eventually came out and had some fuss. When she was hiding, she buried herself in by me.. she’s so cute..! Not too sure... You don’t seem too...
  8. G

    How To Calm Easily Startled Piggies?

    after 1 month, my piggies are finally warming up to me! When I start talking and slowly approach their cage they will come up to my hand for food and will even come up to the edges of the cage when I talk and they know the sound of their veggies coming to them. The problem is, one of the girls...
  9. C

    Bonding With An Adopted Piggy

    I adopted a Peruvian piggy of approx 9 months old a few months ago. I don’t know much but that he was given up by the previous owner because of “dominance issues” and was never with another piggy. When I first got him I noticed that he would bite my clothes whenever picked up and he’s very...
  10. TheLottiediarys


    I'm on a hamster forum as well as someone posted a question on how to get guinea pigs used to be handled. I replied and happened to say that with my newest Guinea Pigs I had to handle them daily to give medical care, Anya's medicine twice a day and also wounds needed washing twice a day for...
  11. ToastandBeans

    Beans Now Hates Me

    Okay so I just got Beans out for a cuddle and she just ran so after 2 minutes I had to put her back in her cage because otherwise she would jump off the sofa and break a leg. She just runs off. Doesn't even stay on me for a minute :no: She used to be really cuddly and cwtchy and I don't know...
  12. ToastandBeans

    Taming Beans And Toast..

    My two piggies that I love so much. Beans and Toast. They used to be tame but then one of them bit me quite hard so I lost confidence and they sort of stopped being tame. Any tips for retaming? Beans is starting to trust me again, letting me stroke her for 10-15 seconds before going to nibble my...
  13. Maya_7

    Hi Does Anyone Have Any Tips On Taming Baby Guinea Pigs?

    I juest recently got a baby guinea pig to go with some other pigs which are already tame and was wondering if anyone had anytips of taming babies.
  14. RJade

    Taming Help :)

    I've had my guinea pigs a little over a week now and I'd really like to start getting them so that they're more friendly and less skittish! I know as prey animals they're always going to have some elements of this but I'd just like a good way to start! Any advice appreciated! :)
  15. R

    At A Complete Loss!

    Hello! However this is not my first set of guinea pigs, this is my first rescue set! Long story short I've recently rescued 3 boars from a very neglectful home. All of their nails are disgustingly long and curled round. The boys have never been handles (they're 4 years old) meaning they've never...
  16. Louspiggs

    Does My Piggie Hate Me?

    i have 2 baby boars that i got about 3 weeks ago. the more dominant boar lets me stroke him while hes eating, on my lap, out for floor time etc and he is very easy to get a hold of and pick up. to get to this point ive tried every piggie taming tip out there and it's definitely paid off for him...
  17. SazzaG96

    New Owner Advice?

    Hi there! I'm a recent new owner of 2 male guinea pigs and I was hoping for some advice in general about looking after them. They are in a 2 x 3 C&C cage with a loft and I use fleece bedding that is washed every 3 days! They get fresh veggies morning and night and nuggets and hay! Is there...
  18. SingstarPiggies

    New Piggies Living Outside Will Be Harder To Tame?

    Hey! I am getting 2 more females soon which will be living outside in a hutch. I'm worried that it's going to be harder to tame them since they won't be inside all of the time around me and other people. Any advice? Emma x
  19. Pandapudge

    Could It Be!?

    I am three weeks and four days into guinea pig slaveship...though it has been painstakingly slow, it IS getting better! There is hope! My piggies still run, they still get scared and shy, but it is changing. For those of you who are brand new to piggies and feeling discouraged - don't! It...
  20. Mairi M

    Tv Unexpectedly Helped With The Taming Of My Adopted Boar Pippin!

    So I've had Parsley and Pippin since October and they are both very confident around me but haven't been keen on handling. I read on the forum about people whose piggies liked TV and tonight I decided to introduce Pippin (the more confident piggy) to the tv. I put a David Attenburgh show on...