1. Livvysquish

    Scab/cut formed in a week

    Hey, does anybody have any idea what this could be? It has appeared in the past week. At first it was a sore nose/crusty on the tip not notrils and her eyes sore and then it went red. Then a a day after I noticed this on her side. Her eyes are fine but her side is spreading. From when I first...
  2. Livvysquish

    Silly piggie

    I have had two baby piggies for about 3 weeks. One is extremely sleek, fast and agile (rosmary). And the other is stumpy..and chubby (lavender). I have a wooden house for my 4 piggies and they love climbing on top and jumping on and off it. Its about 15cm high. I had a ramp to the top but they...
  3. Z

    Possible Satin Pig?

    Hello! Just wanted to drop a quick question and find out how guinea pigs are diagnosed as Satin? Is it a blood or medical test or simply by the look of the fur? My 1year old Rex keeps hurting her feet (a front on once and a the same back one twice) and I’m worried about whether this is simply...