teeth burring

  1. M

    don't know what to do (molar impaction)

    My guinea Juno (4yo) has recently been dealing on and off with a UTI for the past several months, but she suddenly started eating less and being less mobile, only eating a small amount of hay and veggies. She already had a checkup for her UTI but I felt her condition has been going on too long...
  2. Turtz

    Not Eating For 2 Months - Prolonged Syringe Feeding

    My guinea pig Dougle stopped eating around the beginning of the year. I noticed that he hadn't eaten his pellets for around 2 days so I brought him straight to a vet who said the issue was with overgrown back teeth. He went under GA, the procedure went well, and he should've been able to eat...
  3. Koinu

    Had A Teeth Burring For The First Time And I'm Concerned

    Brand new user here, sorry for any mistakes I may make. I will preface that I am a first-time guinea pig owner and have had my guinea pig for 4 years now. So, I went to the vet yesterday, the 16th at 10am, because my male guinea pigs' teeth looked pretty long which I hadn't noticed till...
  4. Stewybus

    Dental Teeth Trimming - Clipping Or Burring

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for comments from people who have guinea pigs who need their incisors (front teeth) trimming. Their seems to be 2 methods. Either Clipping with clippers, scissors etc or burring with drill & cutting wheel. It seems that one method, clipping is done by the non...