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teeth chattering

  1. M

    3 year old pigs teeth chattering

    Our guinea pigs are 3 years old and well bonded. The less dominant one has recently been teeth chattering at the other one and they have both been making unhappy squeak noises. They went through a period last year where a similar thing happened and we solved it with getting them an additional...
  2. toodledoodler

    Do my piggies not get along?

    Hello! I recently got my second pair of piggies, they're around 3 months old and brothers. Their names are Wilbur and Freddie, and I absolutely adore them. However, I am worried they aren't getting along great. My previous pair got along great and never had any issues, but this time around it's...
  3. C

    Teeth Chattering

    Hello all, I am new to guinea pigs as they were purchased for my daughter ( a massive animal lover and they could not have had a better owner :) ) However this morning she was cleaning up the cage before school and notice one of our male guineas was chattering his teeth at the other. The...
  4. R

    My guinea pig started to bite me when I feed him

    Hello Guys! I have been reading this forum for a long time now and I finally decided to make an account :)) Anyway, I came with this question because I have looked everywhere and I couldn’t get a straight answer. So, my two guinea pigs about some months ago learned (I don’t know why) that when...
  5. N

    Teeth chattering and chasing

    Hi, 1 week ago I adopted 2 boars, two year olds and already bonded. One of them had been consistently asserting dominance and the other pig doesn't seem to question it. The dominant pig is constantly chasing the other, and though they aren't fighting, the non dominant piggie is teeth chattering...
  6. P

    Guinea Pig Sudden Behavior Change

    Hello Everyone, Long story short, I have a female guinea pig, about 9-10 months old, that used to be very docile, very friendly, not afraid of me (still hiding from time to time, but curious of my voice, when I'm near the cage, licking my fingers through the cage and outside, all good signs...
  7. G

    Two of my boar trio are fighting - need advice!

    I've had three lovely boy guinea pigs since they were about 2 months old, they are now around 3-4 months old and we've kept them together for about a month and a half without issue. Two of the pigs have started fighting. There was a big fight between the two out of nowhere and blood was drawn -...
  8. Bayberrybae

    My two girls who have loved each other forever suddenly hate each other after trying a new cage setup ..

    Hi again! You may have seen my post earlier today about my girl Zuma being spooked. The situation has now gotten a bit weirder, and I’m genuinely confused .. So if you’d like to give your two cents, please read ! Zuma and Ruby have been together for 6 months, totally fine, no complications...
  9. Bayberrybae

    Crying, teeth chattering, and panicking .. At nothing.

    Hi ! So in the middle of the night tonight, I woke up to a loud noise from my girls (just like they were chasing each other, no big deal). They just moved into a large C&C cage which is new to them, so I went to go check on them; only to find that one of my girls, Zuma, is making an odd crying...
  10. jessiejazz

    Teeth Chattering

    Hi all! I just recently adopted a new guinea pig from a guinea pig rescue -- they observed him to be happier when alone in a cage as opposed to with a companion so they asked that I adopt him out on his own, though I'm home all the time with virtual schooling and work from home, so he's going to...
  11. Louisemck312

    Teeth chattering

    Hi everyone, I have had my 2 female 10 month old guinea pigs for a week now, they’ve settled in well and have been getting on great but today I noticed they’ve been chattering their teeth quite a bit at eachother, which is sometimes followed by them chasing one another and just seeming pretty...
  12. CourtneyBailey

    Bonding boys teeth chatter

    I got my first piggie Milo about 2 months ago and my other piggie Marvin about 1 month ago. They are both only a few months old still. They started bonding very well and seemed to love each other companies up until 2 days ago. My roommate has another boy piggie and we wanted to see if him and...
  13. 0

    Aggressive behaviour

    I’ve got two boars, one about age 1 and the other about 4 months. The younger one keeps initiating teeth chattering and rumbles at the other with his fur on end, which causes the other to chatter back a bit. The older doesn’t get too bothered by it and just ignores him mostly but it’s not nice...
  14. amber89

    Maybe a case of bond fallout?

    Hello everyone. I am the proud (and very new) owner of 3 guinea pigs: 1 adult castrated boar, called Pufu, and 2 females (one 3 months old, called Cupcake, and one adult, called Muffin). Muffin is a Peruvian guinea pig, Pufu is a short hair and Cupcake is a Silkie, if this is of importance. The...
  15. L

    What does it mean when a guinea pig grinds their teeth

    Ive heard that it is meant to mean a bad sign but my guinea pig Mister Lips does it alot of the time when he is lying in his cage when hes sitting on my lap or bed. Does your guinea pig do it?
  16. littlewinng

    Two angry male guinea pigs

    Hi all, Two weeks ago I got two male 7 month old guinea pigs, Louis and Charles. They are brothers and I’ve housed them in the same Midwest cage. Everything was fine and dandy until just tonight I let them out of their cage to play on the living room floor. They were zooming around, eating...
  17. Tinychels

    Mom guinea pig fights with her two three month old daughters

    Hello! A while back, I've made a thread on my mom guinea pig Akira, who bit her son when he was one week old. I was told that it was normal, that it was just her way of "spanking" him and how she's the superior of the group. It's been a few months now since then, and I have Akira with her two...
  18. Lil&Widge

    My Sow's Grooming Needs are Hurting our Relationship

    We've owned our coronet/american cross sow since she was just a pup, she is now almost three. She gets plenty of socialization and for the first part of her life, happy purrs during lap time, and wheeks when she heard us come home were a regular thing. But her long hair requires a lot more...
  19. imnot_ordinary

    My usually calm guinea pig is biting, headbutting and teeth chattering at me? Help

    7 days ago I got my first pair of guinea pigs! They're two boys and are about 7 weeks old now, though I'm fairly sure that one is older than the other since he's a little fatter and longer. Everything was fine for the first 5 days. We started with cuddling for 5 minutes and gradually got...
  20. winniethepooh

    Crunched Up In A Corner All Day!

    My older guinea pig, Jake, is always teeth chattering around Winnie, the younger one, and always chases him around. Now, Winnie stays in a corner all day and I don't think he's eating. He even poops and pees there and just stays there. I think it has something to do with Jake chasing him around...