teeth problems

  1. Basti & Dulce

    Guinea stopped eating, dental problems, fixed it in surgery, won't eat during recovery and now it's not pooping like it should.

    Hey, everyone, So, Basti started to eat less and less a few weeks ago, started losing weight and we went to investigate only to find out she was having dental problems. X-Ray detected some anomaly in her jaw and teeth, she went to surgery and the doctor said that "things were pretty messy in...
  2. A

    Dental Teeth problems

    Hi, unfortunately what I feared has happened. My little girl has a dental problem. She's 3 years an 8 months old We took her to the vet today and she checked her teeth. She didn't find any problems but she couldn't see the last molars, the ones that are further down but the symptoms are...
  3. A

    Possible teeth problem

    Hi everyone, i live in Italy and i ask for your help for my guinea pig. In May she had a problem of bloating but we were able to fix that. After that the vet told us to give her less veggies and more hay. At first she had a lot of soft stools mixed with constipation but we slowly fixed that...
  4. M

    Guinea Pig Teeth and Illness

    My GP is currently not eating or drinking on her own. She will eat her lettuce and some veggies but not hay, pellets or vit C tablets. I am syringe feeding her critical care and water. Background: Took her in about a month ago for possible luce but vet did not see any nor saw any mites with a...
  5. W

    Young Male Piggy’s teeth are uneven

    My male guinea pig teeth are uneven, he is a year and a half old ish and I'm not sure what to do? Is this bad, he still eats at his normal pace and normal amount and is not showing any discomfort or anything
  6. S

    Syringe feeding while working

    One of my guinea pigs recently had back to back ear infections, and due to those has developed some dental issues. His front teeth were trimmed but his back teeth still need to be taken care of. He is currently too underweight to under go that process. He is on critical care feed per vet...
  7. O

    Guinea pig teeth trimmed too short?

    I recently noticed one of my boars had crooked top incisors, so I took him to a vet (that supposedly works with small animals) to have his teeth trimmed. Unfortunately, I was not able to go with to this vet appointment, so my mom had to take him. They told us he suffered from malocclusion (what...
  8. ashleemelda

    Not Eating As Much Hay Beginning 5/7

    On Thursday, May 7, I opened a fresh new bag of hay (I use Oxbow's Timothy Hay/Orchard Grass Blend). Neither of my guinea pigs seemed that interested and preferred instead to eat what was left of their old bag; hay that was arguably less fresh and getting stale. But even then, they did not eat...
  9. Piggywiggywoo

    Dental Additional incisor from front jaw

    Hi, my 5 1/2 year old intact boar is having some weird tooth problems. Vet says that the molars look okay and the brown at the base of his bottom incisor is fur. Ozzy confirmed this himself as he has cleaned off his teeth and has lovely pink gums. The real problem is that his bottom left...
  10. Hils

    Dental Baby guinea pig with NO bottom incisors

    A bit of an odd one - yesterday we got a 3mth old gp from a rescue. Today I noticed she drank out of the side of her mouth. It turns out she has extremely long top teeth which are curling back into her mouth but there was no sign of any bottom teeth. I'm assuming she has never had any because if...
  11. M

    Dental My 4 year 10 month old American breed guniea pig is not eating due to teeth sore problem. Request advice for more information.

    My guinea pig Mickey is sick for a week. He is a 4 years 10 months old American breed boy. He was not eating (anorexia) for two days. Then we visited vet. She checked his heart beat and lungs, they are functioning OK. But he has gum redness/soreness and felt pain on putting some pressure on...
  12. Cherri

    My Boar Is Biting The Divider In His Cage?

    Hello! I have a very fiesty 4 year old boar, he won't stop biting the divider in his cage. He recently chipped a tooth pretty bad on the wire, and I'm scared that with him biting with little tooth, that he will damage his gums? Anybody have any idea how I can stop him from biting?
  13. MadPiggies :D

    Front Teeth Missing ;(

    I was taking My piggie Optimus to the vet and gave the two boys some carrot before we left but I found Witwicky couldn't eat it and it would just fall from his mouth.Later after the vet looked at Optimus's foot she examined Witwicky teeth and found they had completely gone and there was a...
  14. GuineaPigParent

    Guinea Pig Eating Disorder

    Hi. A few years ago, We had a pig that mostly stopped eating, our vets operated on his teeth under anaesthetic. Following that, he never ate again and they put him down. This time, with 2 three year olds, One has again nearly stopped eating. I told the vets, who were going to operate on his...