teeth trimming

  1. O

    Guinea pig teeth trimmed too short?

    I recently noticed one of my boars had crooked top incisors, so I took him to a vet (that supposedly works with small animals) to have his teeth trimmed. Unfortunately, I was not able to go with to this vet appointment, so my mom had to take him. They told us he suffered from malocclusion (what...
  2. M

    Dental Teeth issues and massive weight loss

    I'm facing a pretty extreme issues. My pig weighed roughly 1000g on average last year but developed a cracked tooth from chewing the side of the cage. The vet was able to fix the tooth and trim the rest. At the time of the check in appointment before the trim he weighed >800g. Post procedure...
  3. Stewybus

    Dental Teeth Trimming - Clipping Or Burring

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for comments from people who have guinea pigs who need their incisors (front teeth) trimming. Their seems to be 2 methods. Either Clipping with clippers, scissors etc or burring with drill & cutting wheel. It seems that one method, clipping is done by the non...