thanks in advance

  1. Suki&Indie

    Extreme gas

    Hi all! I have a 5 year old piggy who I recently noticed had a bit of a bulge, of course brought her straight to the vet panicking it was a tumour and was told to see how her weight goes and call back. Her weight continued to drop (about 20g a week) so I went back. She’s currently in the vets...
  2. N


    Hey! I have recently bought a guinea pig and he’s doing pretty well. Very bubbly and gets along well with his cage mates. I have noticed something, he often purrs like a cat. Do they always do that?
  3. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    They don't seem to get along

    I hate having to ask another question but recently my boys seem to be fighting, no blood, more like lunges. When I got them they said they were bonded but they seem to be angry randomly. Sometimes they seem fine sleeping together, sharing food, stuff like that. But just yesterday day I heard a...
  4. Suki&Indie

    Super long quicks

    So I recently adopted two guinea pigs that clearly hadn’t been well looked after :( both of them have super long quicks (I think that’s the name for them) which is the blood vessel part inside their nail. Is there any way to help them? Because I can’t cut into the blood their nails are also...
  5. Suki&Indie

    Hay Problem!

    So for the past few years ive been using alfalfa king timothy hay (11.36kg bag) but when I went to order some they were all out ! I looked at other sites but it was out of stock there too. Anyone know where to get some or something like it? All I need is for it to be nice (green, not dusty)...
  6. Suki&Indie

    Baytril Causing Mushy Poo

    Hi guys! Recently my wee girl got pretty sick and was brought to the vet. There they gave me 4 days worth of baytril. After the four days she was fine and eating as normal. Just now I noticed her poops are pretty mushy. The baytril doses finished on the 18th but I've heard it can cause mushy...
  7. Suki&Indie

    Disciplining A Guinea Pig?

    Hi all! So recently one of my Guinea pigs has learned how to tip over her bowl and knock out the food. This is a problem because the food gets gross and my other piggie started chewing the bowl. I was wondering if there's a way to stop her? She is refusing to eat unless the bowl has been tipped...
  8. Suki&Indie

    Guinea Pig Won't Get Food

    So first of all when I first bought my Guinea pigs I didn't know as much as I do now and bought a Pets @ Home cage (a large one though) but in these cages there's a ledge Guinea pigs have to jump up to (it's a teeny jump) to get their food. That went fine and they learned quickly but all of a...
  9. Suki&Indie

    Possible Bloat? Please Help

    Yesterday was quite a nice day so I put my piggies out to graze, this is the first time this year they've been out to graze. This morning I noticed one of my piggies making funny noises (a little bit of tummy rumbling and something that sounded like farting/balloon deflating) she ate some hay...
  10. BethRose

    What's Good?

    I've read that a museli type food is bad for piggies and a nugget type food should be offered alongside hay and fresh veg. I used to use a museli type food a few years ago so I'm confused if I should feed a nugget type or a mix? Thank you
  11. crnyng

    Searching For Houses Pictured, Help?

    I was interested in acquiring houses such as these but ZooPlus doesn't ship to the USA. Does anyone happen to know where else I may be able to find houses such as these? I adore the natural looking wood on them. I've considered making my own but I don't think the trees out here are safe for...
  12. crnyng

    Recusing A Pig, Mites? Any Remedies?

    Someone is selling a pig, and it has much too small a cage, not properly taken care of and as I'm talking to them, they're telling me she has little black/brown speckles on her back end and doesn't come off even though they have washed her how many times. I was curious if there are any remedies...