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thirsty pig

  1. J

    Guinea pig drinking a bottle of water a day..

    My 1+ year old adopted piggie is drinking a lot of water lately. I noticed it a few weeks ago I guess and it's been so crazy, I haven't been able to give it that much attention. I'm a sped teacher, so I've been crazy working from home trying to figure out how to serve my students virtually...
  2. MissPiggyTales

    Thirsty Piggie Help

    Hiya I am posting this because I can't fathom what's up with my piggie. I'm booking him in to vets next week but just seeing if anyone has ideas before then. He's been really thirsty as of late. Always going to his bottle bit last couple weeks I've found a wet corner where his bottle is. I...
  3. bumbling-bambi

    Otherwise Healthy Pig Started Drinking A Lot?

    So I obsessively check my two boys each day for any signs of illness or injury when I groom them each day (long haired piggy struggles!) and thanks to not only the lovely members of this forum but also the members of the Guinea Pig Advice and Support group on Facebook I'm confident that I can...