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  1. M

    Swollen toe

    Has anyone else had this issue? A week or so ago, out of the blue, my daisy’s toe was quite swollen. We were told it could be fungal, but the vet doesn’t think So, but we are trying antibiotics and an oral anti-fungal to rule it out. She said if that’s not the problem, sometimes they have to go...
  2. Nbw_835

    Injured toe.

    I accidentally cut one of my pigs claws too short.. She jerked as I clipped and I think it took off a part of her toe. It bled so much but I rushed to the bathroom and clotted the blood with cornstarch. I feel terrible and physically sick that I did that to her... How do I make her feel better...
  3. Martina97

    Swollen Toe

    Hi everyone, This is Martina from Italy. I'm very worried about one of my two piggies. Last Tuesday, while I was trimming his nails, I noticed that he was missing one and that he had a swollen toe. I can't really think about when he could have lost it - never found any bloodstain in the cage nor...
  4. F

    Unknown Lump On My Piggy's Toe

    I noticed the lump yesterday and was quite shocked since I hadn't noticed it last week when I trimmed her nails. My guinea pig, Vera, is almost 5 years old, and hasn't been ill before. She doesn't seem unhappy, runs around like always, and her appetite is great (and drinks a lot of water along...