tooth chipped

  1. Puddles1999

    Do these teeth look normal?

    Penelope recently broke off half of her top right incisor. It’s since grown back but I’ve been very worried about her teeth. Probably worrying for no reason but I just kind of want another persons opinion on if her teeth look good! They may not be the best as it’s a bit difficult to get good...
  2. W

    Chipped teeth

    My boar Bear has been chewing bars relentlessly as Womble (sow who lives next-door) is in heat. I tried to block off the pen bars with a blanket and bulldog clips but he would just bite the clips and burrow under the blanket. Today he was bar biting again but there was a sudden noise of...
  3. Tinychels

    Another piggie tooth issue

    Hello :(! On my previous post, my piggie Ruby has chipped her tooth. Luckily, her tooth grew back by the time I took her to the vet and now she’s fine. The vet did trim the tooth a little, and Ruby screamed (literally, not squealed, she SCREAMED). I kind of don’t want put Athena on the same...
  4. Tinychels

    Guinea pig breaks her front tooth

    Hello! I was doing a health check on my piggies, and I found that Ruby broke her tooth! I’ve seen cases that piggies break their teeth & they grow back on their own. But Ruby almost broke her entire tooth :(. Her vet isn’t open today, & the soonest I can bring her in is probably Thursday. She’s...
  5. S

    Chipped tooth!

    My baby Dobby has a chipped bottom tooth and he isn't eating/drinking very much. He is losing weight and seems to be lighter than his little brother. Are there any ways I can help him other than taking him to the vet? It's very expensive and when we went for their mom after she gave birth the...