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tooth grinding

  1. cashewandpeppa

    Teeth grinding at cagemate

    My two girls Cashew and Peppa have been bonded for almost one year now. Peppa has been boss pig since day 1, and she is a serious boss - stronger dominance than I’ve seen in most boars. Cashew is super content as lowest pig and never challenges Peppa, ever. Needed context: The two of them are...
  2. Cookie18

    Is My Piggie Okay?

    Over these past few days, I've noticed Cookie, my guinea pig, had become lazier or lethargic. I currently have her on my stomach and every now and then I can hear her wheezing and she's just laying on me when she would usually walk around as if to get comfy, she has also been grinding her teeth...
  3. raining.ashes

    My Guinea Pig keeps clicking her teeth but doesn't seem to be agitated ?

    I got two new guinea pigs about three weeks ago, and a week and a half ago I took my two guinea pigs to the vet. They were both suffering from lack of vitamin C, and the Mother (who gave birth about two months ago) had a bacterial infection. The vet gave me vitamin C supplements and antibiotics...
  4. Lou142

    Tooth Grinding/ Rumbling

    My Guinea pig, Flora has started making quite low pitched rumbling/grinding sounds. I'm not quite sure if she is grinding her teeth or if she is making this noise another way. It's quite a hard noise to describe but it kind of sounds like she's trying to make a rumbling sound but not very well...