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towels and fleece

  1. soupgirls

    Towels instead of fleece?

    Hello! I’ve had my piggies for about three weeks now and half of their cage is a folded towel, while the other half is paper bedding. When they’re litter trained I want to switch entirely over to fleece, but it’s so expensive to get started! Would towels make an appropriate replacement? I...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    Please Help, Is This Safe? - E.cuniculi Transmission And Hygiene

    Hi guys, our rabbit is sick with E-Cuniculi shes indoor with fleece and towels, Is it safe to wash this bedding in the washing machine and give it to the Guinea Pigs or could they get sick if i do this? If its washable, should i use a high temperature? wash it twice? What should i do to...