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  1. ChubbyCarrots

    Weedkiller! Please help!

    Hello, yet another mishap has struck us. We were doing Coco’s treatment by the lawn when he jumped off of my sister’s lap and bolted for our patio. Unfortunately, we had grassy areas so we covered them in weedkiller. You’ve probably guessed what happened by now. Coco ate it. I would have taken...
  2. W

    Help - Guinea Pig Has Nibbled On A Bit Of Glue

    My guinea pigs were roaming the kitchen for a bit and I noticed Nymeria was trying to bit at something in a water bottle that was on the floor. I looked and at first thought she was trying to bit some cardboard that was glued to the plastic but I think she actually nipped at a bit of dried glue...
  3. M

    Is This Plant Safe?!

    We have lots of this plant growing in or garden and I was wondering what is it and if it is safe for guinea pigs AND bunnies? Thankyou
  4. Celine298

    Umbrella Plant

    So I caught Sunny eating a part of my umbrella plant and now I'm panicking, the info online is geared towards cats and dogs and the last forum post on this topic didn't say if the plant is toxic. Can anyone advise me?
  5. PiggyOinkOink

    Silly Snoopy Munched On Dracaena!

    I let Snoopy & Cappuccino out on the floor and I whilst I had my attention trying to make a maze for them Snoopy started munching on some Dracaena (Madagascar Dragon Tree) that was on the floor! I never have plants on the floor but my friend changed my room a little because he's into Feng Shui...