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  1. Faeryflax

    DIY hay feeders

    Hi all, we had been using loo Rolls stuffed with hay as a quick way to add extra hay before school/work. our proper hay racks take time to fill so we do that later when there is more time. One of our 8 week old sows got her head and shoulders stuck in a loo roll today. She is fine and was...
  2. Kenziee

    How can I keep my piggies entertained while I’m gone?

    So, next week I’m going out of state for a couple days and I want to make sure my piggies are all cared for and entertained. I’m leaving them with my dad for the weekend so they’ll be fed and swept up as normal but they’ll still be alone most of the time. I have one 4-year-old pig and two...
  3. S

    Caring for a single Guinea Pig?

    I'm a new Guinea Pig owner and despite all my research about caring for them nothing mentioned the need for having more then one. I only have one Guinea pig and I am unable to get a second for multiple reasons. What can I do to keep him happy despite being by himself?
  4. rinlalin

    Is My Pen OK?

    hello all! i just wanted to know if my cage looked alright, it's 8 sq ft and it doesn't have a lot going on yet, BUT, it looks nice to me. i just wanted some input. as you can see i have a bunch of hay on the floor on one side, a toy and wooden chews in the middle and a hide, food bowl and...