1. C

    Travelling to EU with guinea pig

    Hello, I am planning to travel to the EU via Eurotunel later this August and I was wondering to ask what is required for crossing as I would like to take my two guinea pigs with me. - I red some information about general health certificat but I am not sure whether this needs to be in english...
  2. T

    Help. International travel ny to Ireland

    Please help. I'm running out of options. We're moving from ny to Ireland this summer. I need to get my little guy there but every airline I've called will not allow him in the cabin only cargo and they say you have to use a pet relocator which I've called a dozen and the cost range from...
  3. kate4001

    Traveling Internationally From The US With Pigs

    Hi everyone. I will be flying from the US to Australia as soon as the COVID restriction is over, I’m assuming in about a year. I have two guinea pigs and would maybe be adopting more soon. I have never flown internationally and do not even have a passport-yet. I am wondering if anyone on here...