1. L

    Sow trio is ganging up on one of its members

    Hi! I've recently been lucky enough to rehome two adorable sow piggies from my local rescue as companions to my 4 1/2 bereaved sow Jasmine. The two new piggies have only been here for a couple of days, but they're already super confident: taking food from my hand and popcorning. They were looked...
  2. W

    Possible trio?

    Hi all, I wanted some advice on people’s experiences of having a trio of sows? I have two current girls and was considering another one who would be approx 10 weeks by the time I get her. One of my current pigs is very shy in personality and the other is outgoing, they are housed in a 5X2 C&C...
  3. Kirbs

    Will they be ok?

    I have three 6 month old male guinea pigs living together. Sadly, one is constantly being chased and bitten on the ear by one. He also gets food snatched off him also they all get the same treats. Will they be ok soon or will I have to consider separating them? The ‘bullied’ one is also...