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  1. AdamFrench

    12 Month Old Girl With A Lump?

    Hi, One of my 12 month old girls has suddenly developed a lump on the bottom of her back, just above and to the left of where her 'tail' would be. It's about the size of my thumb nail, very pronounced (like stroking her normal body shape then all of a sudden a lump, no build up or anything...
  2. Lisa96

    Guinea Pig Has Tumour. Not Sure How To Handle It.

    Hi. I was at the vet today and was told that my guinea pig has a tumour. The vet seemed to be keeping a lot to themselves because I was upset but I think they said it was in her urinary gland or something like that. She has to go back on Monday so they can remove it. I'm just really really...
  3. lauraboara

    Barney Bubbles - Lots Of Things Going Bit Wrong

    just hoping for some vibes for my Barney Bubbles. He is looking rather frail and lots of things seem to be 'off'. He has on going gut issues but I had them stabilised until last couple of days when they returned with a vengeance - smelly large loose poohs etc. His incisors are going into a 'v'...
  4. Kerrie74


    After having a chat with @helen105281 she suggested I make a thread and try and get some advice/opinions on Snow's tumors. Snow is about almost two years old, he's been pretty healthy apart from a couple of colds, my adult son Aidan picked him up the other day to have a natter with him as he...
  5. LydiaMinx

    Hard Lump On Chin/jaw

    Boris, my 4 year old boar, has literally just developed a hard lump on his chin/left jaw area. It's sitting directory under his jaw bone, but isn't causing trouble eating or seeming to bother him at all, even when touched. I can't recall it being there a few days ago - it's pretty hard to miss...