two boars

  1. N

    Guinea pigs fighting after months of peace

    I currently have a couple of two male guinea pigs living together in the same cage. They have about 1,5 month difference in age, and have been together for 4 months now. They had a few problems when I put them together (I made a thread about it, I initially got only one and then took the second...
  2. S

    Bonding Boars- Need Advice

    Hello! I adopted Charlie in February and he’s now a nearly fully grown boar. Knowing he needed a friend, about a month ago I adopted Wilber, a 3 month old boar. After a three week quarantine, they met in a huge room. I had a blanket, hay, vegetables, and all the necessary items. At this point...
  3. SilverC

    One Social Piggy, And A Nervous One

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the guinea pig world, and only got my piggies this weekend. They're two boars, called Copper and Butterbean (Butters for short), and they're new both to us and to each other - so a big change for everyone. Copper had another cage mate who unfortunately passed away, and...
  4. J

    Guinea Pig Bullying

    Hi all! I became a guinea pig mama two weeks ago and am new to the forum. We have two year-old boars - Tango and Hieronymous. They have always lived together however they are not related (I understand they were bought as a pair from pets at home). We got them from a family who were away often...
  5. Celine298

    New Baby Coming

    This is Sunny, he's 11 months old and he might be getting a little brother tomorrow! I've read all the info in the forum about bonding two boars. I've purposely waited until Sunny's hormones were a bit more stable until introducing a new friend, to minimize fighting. Personality wise, Sunny is...