1. Nibsandtuft

    What Food Do Guinea Pigs Like?

    We have two male guinea pigs and they love the normal food like beans and cucumber etc. But we would like to try them on something different ! Any ideas :hmm:
  2. Nibsandtuft

    How Do You Keep Two Boars From Mating?

    Our two male guinea pigs ( tufty and nibbles) keep trying to mate with each other. Does anyone now how to stop them? Thanks
  3. Piggiesxoxo

    Cage Sizes?!?

    A lot of different sites say different things and I wanted to make sure I get this right! I have one piggy right now and I might get another (Pumpkin is from a pet store, but I learned how it's better to get them from shelters!) and I was wondering would this be a good size cage for 1-2 cavys?
  4. Sach15

    Adding A Third?

    Hiya Me and my mum rescue all our animals, only time we've had anything from babies is our kittens which were neglected and was given to us for free! Anyway, so we took in a female Guinea pig in February and she was alone for a month until we decided to get her a friend (we were worried because...