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  1. E

    White dot in the eye

    Hi everyone, I noticed a white dot in my boy’s right eye. Is it an ulcer?
  2. B

    Question about corneal ulcers in GP.

    Hey all! So 8/6 my little one got a haypoke which caused a corneal ulcer in one of her eyes. I went to an emergency vet and he gave me Ciprofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution .3% to give her 2 drops in the eye every 8 hours. After 7 days, it went down a lot! I went back to the vet and they said to...
  3. J

    Eye bulging

    I have a 2 year old guinea pig. I took her to the vet a couple weeks ago because her right eye was bulging (I’ll attach a picture) the vet had a look and says it looks like she has poked her left eye with hay causing an ulcer. The vet said that because Rosie is in pain with her left eye, it’s...
  4. Preston

    Guinea Pig Eye Problem

    My girlfriend and I have had Aspen for 5ish months and have noticed she is a little reserved. Recently she stopped eating, and started sneezing a lot. We thought it was a cold and got her some medicine for it. Her sneezing has gotten better and she has started eating again, however now she is...