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  1. C

    piggy with potential UTI?

    Hi everyone, i have a 1 year old baby girl named chestnut whomst I'm a bit worried about right now. This night i heard her make a whiny noise while trying to pee and got a bit worried and then later on, my sister saw the same thing. i’ve been at uni all day so i haven’t been able to see her...
  2. N

    Guinea pig bleeding from anus, does it require a vet?

    When my guinea pig turned seven gradually the fur on her rear end became matted and covered with presumably faeces, now she has recently turned eight. This morning I found a pile of her droppings surrounded by blood. Later when giving her some fresh food, she excreted once again but she didn't...
  3. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Not Sure What Behavior Means

    Hi! So, I fed my guinea pig this morning, and I noticed that she did something strange that I hadn’t noticed ever before. She flattened her ears against her head and they moved up and down constantly while she was eating. I hope this doesn’t mean anything bad. Thank you, your help is much...