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  1. gigilover123

    Happy guinea pig Gigi

    2 1/2 Years ago I came to this forum for help with a guinea pig I had gotten from a guy who had her in a tub with no hides, only a towel and some hay. Credit where it's due he did save her from being euthanized by her previous previous owner, where she had lived in a small animal carrier with a...
  2. Mamich

    Update: Post Neutering syringe feeding and lump

    I hope this is allowed. I have a positive update on my boar George. Backstory: He got neutered last month, stopped eating and drinking. One ball was swollen (which turned out to be an infection) and he got diarrhea from one of his medication. He would also randomly squeal during the...
  3. Mystic_Willow

    Fungal or Dry skin on feet and ears

    Hey everyone, so i am new to the forum and am wondering if what my guinea pig has is fungal. I have a young little guinea pig who has stunted growth and is also blind and she has just started to develop a bald patch on the top of her foot which looks dry and flakey. I wil post a photo soon when...
  4. UnicornQueen17

    A Little Superpiggy Update

    Hi there all, So i have had Sam and Dean a week and a half now and all seems well with them. Dean has came out his shell a lot more than Sam, Dean has even started to popcorn now and then. I'm very proud of how far he has came in such a short time. Sam is a little more shy he is the submissive...