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  1. P

    Poorly piggy

    Last week a rat got in with my Piggies and attacked the alpha one (Razor) since then his skin has got worse, this started off as two bite marks on either side of his back and now it’s all over his back. We’ve taken him away from the other 2 piggies (as well as shut them in so no longer allowed...
  2. I


    My guinea pig recently lost his cagemate for an unknown reason. Since then I've been monitoring him more closely (which he's not used to and is making him stressed) and I noticed he's been breathing pretty quickly. I took him to the vet about a week ago and they said it was a little faster than...
  3. L

    Male Guinea Pig with Bladder Stone

    Hello! My name is Dani, I have a male guinea pig (his name is Tommy) that is about 4 years or older. Weeks ago we got the devasting news that Tommy has a bladder stone in his bladder. I went to the urgent care for Tommy. This office prescribed Tommy Critical Care and Metacam to be given 0.35ml...
  4. R

    Genital problem male, urgent help !!

    Something red is on my guinea pigs genital area, it is looking like it is wound or something but i am not sure, (can be infection). Please help mee! i am not able tto figure out what is this, so please tell what it possible can be as there are no vets in my areaa, please help its urgent...
  5. PiggiaWiggia

    Weird noise? (Urgent, please help)

    Hi everyone, My 5-year-old piggy is making a weird noise and I'm unsure why (it's definitely not a cough or sneeze as I know what those sound like). It sounds like a strangled grunt/moan (a bit like crooning but definitely not the happy/contented kind - she sounds distressed). This noise...
  6. K

    My guinea pig is really sick

    Hello, i am posting this again, as it is an emergency. my Guinea pig Ferdinand isn’t eating. He is pretty old (I’d say more than 5 years) and for the last 3 weeks he has been slower, and sleeps more. In the last 2 days he has not been eating, we took him out of his cage to feed him mashed banana...
  7. R

    Baby Guinea pig might have UTI, Need help asap

    My baby guinea pig , born 15 days ago, was squeaking( cry like) since 2-3 days when peeing yesterday I was worried so i picked it up and found some red colored, blood like, thin urine. I think he is having UTI, so I decided to go to vet, who isn't experience. here in my city there are no...
  8. B

    Guinea pig attack

    Hello one of my guinea pigs attacked the other on her ear and she's bleeding quite a bit what can I do to help her? Should I give her a lukewarm bath to rinse the blood off her fur? Please respond quickly!
  9. mytwomaleguineas

    Help! Blind guinea pig?

    What do I do? My guinea pig was fine yesterday but today cookie is scared to come out of his cage to his playpen. I thought it could be sound but walnut was perfectly fine. Cookie on the other hand has very watery eyes. Walnut has normal eyes. But I don’t think it’s pain because cookie keeps...
  10. Hellopiggies63


    I have two guinea pigs. One is around 10 months (cookie). The other is around 5-6 months. The problem is the 5-6 months (walnut) is obsessively dominant right now. He runs after cookie, teeth chatters, lunges, and forces cookie out of their cage. Their space is good. They have one Midwest cage...
  11. H

    Dental My guinea pig is not eating and we are not finding a concrete solution

    Hi Three weeks ago, we noticed that out three year old female guinea pig (Jupiter) was unable to eat. She was trying to eat, but was unable to bite. We went to a vet, but he did not gave a substantial cure. We changed the vet. Went to vet number 2. Even he didn't had the required expertise and...
  12. E

    Urgent Help!

    so I posted in here maybe 2 weeks ago when my Guinea Pig was experiencing trouble and then she was fine (not completely fine) again. She is very thin and weak and we are/we’re feeding her the recovery paste and she had lost feeling in her leg. At the time she weighed 880 grams. Today she has...