1. cocodapig

    Possible URI

    I got my guinea pig 4 days ago, she is roughly 5 weeks old, i noticed that she’s been sneezing today, should i be worried? her nose also seems to be wet.. like the start of a runny nose. its not bad though.. I'm worried. any advice ?
  2. Jasmined

    Baytril & syringe help - desperate!

    I’m desperately looking for more advice on how to get my girls to accept a syringe / Baytril. I’ve tried lots of different tips from here like wrapping in towel, different holding techniques to keep her still, dipping in food, on food, mixed with ribena etc etc Each day passes she’s on Baytril...
  3. Jasmined

    Is this URI or allergy? Please help

    Yesterday morning I noticed I could hear Teddy breathing a little heavier than normal after I’d heard her sneeze a few times. by the afternoon her breathing had become more noisy and her sneezes sounded a little wet, some crustiness round her nose. By Luck managed to get her a vet appointment...
  4. guineapigx2


    Hello guys! I have a problem. My baby guinea pig (one and a half months old) has been making crackling noises. I can sometimes hear them, but usually I only hear it when listening to his tummy area. He got one week of antibiotics (enrofloxacin). Vet gave him that over the phone because of the...
  5. W

    URI Help! Doxycycline & Baytril?

    Has anyone had a guinea pig successfully recover from a URI using Baytril? What about Doxycycline? How about when administered together? I have seen a lot of stories about having trouble getting rid of URIs, which leaves me wondering how effective Baytril and Doxycycline are to combat URIs. Are...
  6. P

    Bactrim shelf life?/other issues

    Hello! I have been off of here for a good amount of time, and I am sure many of you who remember me shall be relieved to find that I have been working a lot on my pet anxiety and thinking logically before getting all worried about an illness and whatnot. Unfortunately, I have come back for a...
  7. mehartr

    Guinea Pig Baytril Problems

    Hello, I took my piggy to the vet for a possible URI - sneezing, crusty nose and small amounts of wheezing. They prescribed him with Baytril and Doxycycline twice a day for 10 days. By the fourth day, Chester had stopped eating and drinking, wouldn’t touch his pellets or hay, but he still went...
  8. S

    Do I wait to take my pregnant guinea pig to the vet?

    I was sold a pregnant guinea pig without my knowledge, and she’s developed what I believe to be a URI. She’s cackling and occasionally sneezes. I plan on taking her in no matter what, but the problem is, she’s an extremely stressed and skittish pig! She is afraid of everything, and that’s no...
  9. S

    Worried, please help. (URI/Syringe feeding)

    My piggy is breathing quite fast, she was making soft vocal noises with the out-breath but that has stopped now. She is not breathing as fast as she was when I noticed it (she is sat on my lap wrapped in her blankie). She has been through quite a lot recently and I'm at my wits end...
  10. S

    Please help me, I’m going round the bend

    My guineapig Biscuit was diagnosed by the vet with an infection, prescribed us Loxicom anti inflammatory (0.4ml every 12 hours) and Baytril antibiotics (0.5ml once a day). We did around 7 days course of this, she stopped eating. Obviously, we took her back to the vets and they have given us...
  11. V

    HELP! Pneumonia spreading to all our pets!

    I had to put my hamster down on Christmas due to pneumonia, the vets who worked with exotic animals went home for the holidays. He showed severe symptoms of respiratory illness for 4 days before i got him in. During this time, my sister bought a tiny mouse and she’s been sneezing/coughing...
  12. H

    Specialist extremely persistent uri

    My two year old piggy named Nugget has been suffering with breathing issues ever since she was just a few months old. I’ve taken her to the vet plenty of times. They always say she has an upper respiratory infection and prescribe her baytril or doxycycline I believe but it never seems to...
  13. Michellesalvino

    Proper care for piggies on doxycycline

    Hello! I currently have two piggies on doxycycline because when I got them I soon noticed they we’re sneezing way too much and took them to the vet. I just want to make sure I am giving them a good diet while they’re going through this. I give it to them twice a day. Should I also be giving them...
  14. xmegj_96x

    Help with Zithromax dosing and URI

    Hi, firstly I'd just like to say that i've been using this forum for help for many years but have only just made an account to make my first thread as usually I am able to find the info I need from others but I am now in a bit of a tricky situation and I'm not sure where else might be able to...
  15. P

    Probiotic before dose?

    Hi! Our guinea pigs are on two antibiotics, and due to our schedule, we are only able to give a probiotic two hours after the second dose of antibiotics. So i was wondering if I could give benebac two hours before the antibiotic? Would it have the same effect or would it be pointless. Thanks!
  16. P

    URI troubles!

    My piggies started getting treated for URI three days ago with Baytril. The last URI (ab a month ago) was also treated with Baytril, and all the symptoms went away within the second day of Baytril. This is now the third, almost fourth day and although they aren't worsening (at least I do not...
  17. P

    Cisapride and Baytril?

    Hi! I wasn't just wondering if it is safe to give cisapride and Baytril at the same time? My piggies are on Baytril for possible URI (we just started yesterday) and one Piggie is not only kind of gassy, but her poops are a bit smaller than usual. I have been giving her simethicone (I know it's...
  18. P


    Hello! My guinea pigs Popcorn and Pumpkin recovered from a URI about a month ago, and since then have been all healthy. On Monday (today is Friday) I noticed one of them had a sneeze attack, but days went by and neither of them were showing any other symptoms, so I decided they did not have...
  19. P


    Hello! My guinea pigs Popcorn and Pumpkin recovered from a URI about a month ago, and since then have been all healthy. On Monday (today is Friday) I noticed one of them had a sneeze attack, but days went by and neither of them were showing any other symptoms, so I decided they did not have...
  20. P

    Can this URI return?

    My guinea pigs recently got off of Baytril for a URI, four days ago. Those four days ago, we got a recheck at the vet and they said everything sounded perfect. However, it's today that i still noticed some sneezing. I honestly can't tell if it's more than usual but I'm still worried that it...