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  1. P

    1 year old sow possibly not urinating much

    Hi, looking for some advice please. Our 1 year old sow doesn't seem to be peeing very much. We've been keeping an eye on her since Saturdya night when she made a small whiing noise, just a couple of seconds, while sitting in the hay. But her and her cage mate had just had one of those 'get of...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Bladder stone worry

    Okay I’m sorry it’s me again with yet another worry. I assure u all as I type this Steve is looking for food, dragging his butt and running round the cage as if I’m making all this up. many of you are aware and have followed me on my journey with Steve’s xrays and ultrasound. Back then he had...
  3. GeorgiaHarris

    Mucus in urine

    I’ve had my 2 month old skinny pig sow out for lap time and I’ve just noticed that after she urinated there was some mucus attached to her genitals. Her urine looks completely normal and there is no mucus in her urine it’s just attached to her afterwards. I wiped it off, the first bit was...
  4. Shauni

    Dirty Belly/bladder Problems

    Dear all, I have a question for my sweet guinea pig Nala. She is 5 years old and has been diagnosed with bladder cancer that has spread to her lung and bones. She had a history with frequent urinary tract infections, sludge and bladder stones since she was 8 weeks old. 4 weeks ago she had a...
  5. PerfectPigs

    What Is The Best First Medicine To Use For My Sow With Cystitis?

    My (roughly) 5-year-old sow named Olga has been recently showing the symptoms of cystitis. She is making soft squeaking noises when she urinates, has been urinating often and is always damp on her stomach (from the result of urinating a lot). I don't want to try any full-on medicine yet, as she...