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  1. G

    Veggie servings

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). After a lot of research I settled on 1 cup of veggies for each of them per day. Currently, I feed them 3 times a day. Kind of like breakfast lunch dinner. I don’t feed them a cup per meal. Instead, I feed 1/3 of the cup at each meal. I’m deciding...
  2. G

    Picky Eater! Help!

    Hi. I have two boars. Patches (older) and Carmal (younger). Carmal is good about eating his veggies, but his favorite is green beans. Patches on the other, is a very picky eater. He will only eat green beans, and, if I’m lucky, corn. This is probably partially my fault. This is my first time...
  3. Bella123

    Fifi's Perfect Veggie Feast....

    Fifi: "Flash?" Flash: " Yes Fifi" Fifi: " The hoooman's staring at us again.........." Flash: "I think she wants our veggies....eat them all before she takes them away..." Fifi: " Hoooman? Iz der any more?"