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vet bed

  1. Kaya87

    Vet Bed During The Summer

    Hi guys We have swapped from wooden shavings and hay to vet fleece bedding last year. The bedding keeps them warm throughout the winter but I am worried that they might find it uncomfortable during the summer. We air their room out every day and they have a fan to keep them cool during really...
  2. Kylie80

    How Many Times To Wash Vet Bed Before It Stops Shedding Fluff Everywhere?

    How many times are you ment to wash vet bed before it stops shedding clumps of fluff from the fleece. Ive washed them twice and and have them a good brush down with a rubber brush and they they still shed. So frustrating, there's a mound of fluff all over the ground near the clothes line it...
  3. Kylie80

    Vet Bed Question

    Hello all, I have recently started using vet bed and love it (I have three now) and I am just wondering if anyone else who also uses it has any tips on how they get the tricky bits of hay off it during spot cleaning. Also I bought a 4x2 vet bed for a C&C cage (they actually fit my non c&c cage...
  4. T

    Easy Bedding Options

    Hi all, I'm about to get 2 boars for the first time and am exploring bedding options. We're going to keep them inside so smell limitation is top priority as is quick and easy cleaning. I'm thinking of using incontinence pads/baby mattress protectors and some sort of top layer.... I have 2...