vet care

  1. K

    Guinea pig neutered

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long the swelling is to be expected for my male guinea that was neutered 2 days ago?
  2. MadPiggies :D

    Front Teeth Missing ;(

    I was taking My piggie Optimus to the vet and gave the two boys some carrot before we left but I found Witwicky couldn't eat it and it would just fall from his mouth.Later after the vet looked at Optimus's foot she examined Witwicky teeth and found they had completely gone and there was a...
  3. bumbling-bambi

    Guinea Pig Vaccinations?

    I've heard from a few people i ought to get my piglets vaccinated? Now I don't like to take everyones advice without a pinch of salt unless its either from a vet or from someone on here! Are there vaccinations that my indoor pigs should have? If so what are the estimated costs? I didn't ask my...