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  1. Thecavycorner

    heating pads for my piggies

    hi! so i wanted to get something for my piggies to ensure they are warm! though i am wondering if these are fully safe for my piggies! i am planning to put the heating pads under their fleeces or bedding so they can’t chew it, my piggies don’t chew their stuff anyways, but i’m also wondering...
  2. S

    Keeping Guinea Pigs Warm In My Cold Room

    Hello! I don't yet have any piggies, but I plan on getting 2 and have been prepping for the past few weeks with research and etc. My plan is to make a large C&C Cage with fleece bedding in my closet (a moderately big closet, and there will be two levels. I will also be keeping the doors open at...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Alternatives To Snugglesafe Heat Pad

    After seeing a lot of people using the Snugglesafe microwave pad I ordered one for Beans for her recovery.. but I was so disappointed with it and the pigs don't seem to like it either. :mal: It's rock solid and quite small so they can't comfortably sit/sleep on it. So I'm looking at softer and...