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  1. P

    How to wash guinea pigs? (Female)

    2 out of 5 of our lovely lady pigs are starting to smell a bit musty! 🤢 I have never, ever washed Guineas before! I have also just bought some guinea shampoo from “gorgeous Guineas” does anyone have any tips on how to wash them? And can I wash their “grease gland” / butt. Thank you!
  2. Kirstie :)

    Felt Bedding Care

    Hey everyone, Just wondering how often you change your felt bedding in your piggies cage and how you care for/wash it? I know what the washing instructions are for my felt, but having quite a large cage, putting the felt lining in the fur bag means its a struggle to get it in the machine. I'm...
  3. M

    Washing fleece bedding?

    So I've had my pigs on pine wood shavings for two years. And my parents are tight gits and don't want to change because we get the wood shavings free. I've noticed their feet being extra red and I know it the wood shavings fault, and I can't just lay hay on the floor because last time I started...
  4. Lil3piggies

    Washing Fleece Bedding!

    Hi guys! I’ve recently changed to fleece bedding for Arty! ( I wanted to anyway but after his op the vet suggested it whilst his wounds heal). I’ve ordered myself a horse bag thing to use in the washing machine for hairs and hay, I’m just wondering if there is any perticular detergent you...
  5. Siikibam

    Horsewash Bag

    Will this or this wash bag do? They look to be the same as the one on amazon but cheaper. The amazon one isn’t available till next week!
  6. V

    Washing Fleece Liners

    So I know that this question has been asked a lot before but still need to ask it again. On what temperature can I wash the fleece? I live in The Netherlands so we use Celsius temperature. Hope that someone can help me out!
  7. Annie Robbins

    Lice! Need Advice Asap!

    Hey everyone, I bought a baby guinea pig last week on Thursday... and today she is covered in lice. I have had her separate from my other guinea pig. Since I have noticed the lice, I have moved her to another room. I have also called they vet, but they won't get back with me until...
  8. Piggy mum

    Help! Washing Fleece?!

    Hi My 3 pigs are normally outdoor pigs and I'm really excited that I'm now able to bring them indoors due to moving and there being more space. I've purchased my 6x2 c&c and my cage liners. HOWEVER, as the 6x2 liners are massive I am concerned that they are going to break my 8kg washing machine...