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weight gain

  1. Dog Cow


    Is she okay? Her weight went from 1126g to 1151g in one day. She has weighed this weight before, so the weight should be normal for her, I’m just worried about the sudden change. She is four years and four months. Her fur is slightly fluffed sometimes. She is reaaaally fat. She’s kind of...
  2. Dom R

    Weight Gain - Need Tips Please

    Hi All, So recently after Rodney has become ill, with two abscess' (which have now mostly gone or gone completely), which was stated by the vet at his last visit (Just over a week ago) and I am taking him back on Friday. My current issue with Rodney is that he was originally 1.1KG (1100g)...
  3. Lilythepig2017

    Has My Pig Gained Enough Weight?

    Hello So when we purchased Lily she was 332g. After that weigh in she had a stint with antibiotics that destroyed her appetite for a week or so in the beginning. Now, 5 weeks later she was 413g tonight. Is that enough of a weight gain? She is 4 months old. She it’s unlimited hay, some fresh...
  4. Squishymoth

    Excessive Shedding

    my boar Warp has been shedding a lot, for maybe a week or two. Brushed all three of my pigs last night and only Warp had noteable shedding (only from the white hair on the back part of his body his section with brown hair near the front doesn’t seem to be shedding if this is relevant). He is...
  5. CarolineRenee

    New Rescued Piggy Very Skinny

    Hi, I rescued a female piggy and her 6 week old pup a couple weeks ago. Her name is Harley and she's approx. 6 months old. The rescue has a great, established reputation and Harley was vet checked and cleared for adoption. She is very skinny. I can feel her ribs, pelvic bone and she's got skinny...
  6. Megannah

    Are My Piggies Overweight?

    Hi guys, I recently found out that your ment to weigh your pigs weekly so I weighed them today and Marshall is 460kg and franklin is 250kg I looked online to double check how much a normal pig should weigh and it sounds like mine are very overweight ? Does anyone know if these weights are good...
  7. bumbling-bambi

    Favourite Pellet Foods?

    So I'm in the market to potentially change the pellet food that my boys are getting at the moment because what they are on currently seems to be putting weight on them very quickly! I don't want pudgy pigs! Can anyone recommend me some good foods to try out - i prefer to give them the selective...
  8. Elgifu321

    Steroid Injection To Help Weight Gain? Also Anesthetic For Dental?

    Ive posted before about Oswyn (said: Oz-win) my 4 yo piggy. Hes having issues with his teeth- or at least suspected issues inc drooling and severe weight loss and my usual vet didn't seem very confident so I switched vets to one recommended on here.. I went to rose cottage vets in Runcorn today...
  9. Beans&Toast

    Reasons For Weight Gain (no Increased Food)

    I weight the pigs every week and Beans is always the same, but Toast's weight can go up and down and it's usually that she's a bit bloaty... Usually when she has bloat her side are quite firm and she doesn't poo as much, and it normally resolves itself with Infacol, lots of running and...
  10. Zerlina

    My Two Guinea Pig Sisters Weigh Completely Different Amounts; Is This Normal?

    My two guinea girls are about 4 months old. They are both looking well and eating well, but one of them weighs 534g (about 18 oz) and the other weighs 310g (10 oz) They are sisters and supposed to be the same age; is such a big difference normal? Are they both within reasonable limits? I'm a...
  11. Beans&Toast

    Worried About Weight Fluctuations

    Okay so when I first got my girls about a year ago I used to weigh them weekly, but after months of staying the same I stopped (I realise now I shouldn't have) Around October time Beans, who is roughly 2-3 years old ( not sure exactly as they're rescues) weighed 1160 grams. Toast, who is...