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  1. J

    Recommendations for good weighing scales?

    Can folks please suggest some suitable weighing scales which are big enough for guinea pigs to stand on, comfortable, affordable and have a digital readout? I'm finding our cheap kitchen scales too small, too glossy for them to stand on amd too inaccurate. Thanks.
  2. C

    Guinea pig weight?

    Hi, ive recently started weighing my 5 year old guinea pig penny every thursday and i have some questions. First off, she currently weighs 787 grams. Is that an OK weight? Ive been told that the average is between 800-1000 grams, but then almost every online source i use tells me 700-900 grams...
  3. Ever

    Guinea Pig Weight

    Hello, I just read that if you can feel your guinea pig's ribs (not see, just feel), it means that they aren't overweight. Is this correct?