weird noise

  1. Callia

    Piggy Making Low Scream

    Hey, my guinea pig Galibi has been making this strange noise for the past two days. Its like this low screech/moan? Anyway, some background info: I was on here about a year and a half ago about mites, thankfully she's okay now and the vet gave her medicine that would even prevent another...
  2. blacklegkat

    My Piggy Is Making A Strange 'popping' Noise

    Hello! I am in quite a panic at the moment. My piggy Asterix has always had problems with his voice - he can squeak but for the most part he seems to grunt. Just now, I went to give him a cuddle when I heard a strange noise coming from him - sort of this low popping sound, almost like when you...
  3. Lou142

    Tooth Grinding/ Rumbling

    My Guinea pig, Flora has started making quite low pitched rumbling/grinding sounds. I'm not quite sure if she is grinding her teeth or if she is making this noise another way. It's quite a hard noise to describe but it kind of sounds like she's trying to make a rumbling sound but not very well...
  4. Guinea Days

    Our Piggys

    cute crazy adventures funny THE BEST EVER LIVING mad loving smart handsome boys names: tufty and nibbs fav food: BEENS AND SALAD! we love them :) tell us the info about your piggys what they like to do and eat and maybe describe their character a little and possibly a CUTE pic...
  5. A

    Help, I Dont Know What's Wrong With My Guinea Pig

    So I've had my Guinea pig for a couple of months and I feed him well and clean him well too. But today I woke up to hearing him whining almost moaning. It's not a loud noise or high pitched. I've searched and searched everywhere to see what the noise he is making means but I can't find anything...