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weird pig

  1. P

    My guinea pig is acting really weird

    So my Guinea pig ( Bo) is a very skittish, like you walk near the cage and he goes zooming. Eveytime I get to pet him he runs away, even when I offer him food. Today though, my mom woke up to feed them but Bo was laying down and not moving, my mom got super close and even tried moving his body...
  2. S

    Guinea pig rumbling at me?

    Hey everyone! So I have 3 piggies and i’ve noticed for a few weeks my dominant piggy (the orange one) has started to rumble at me when I open the cage. He is the most outgoing and allows pets if he feels like it and comes up to me regularly, but for some reason he’s been distant. I’ve seen where...
  3. Guinea moma

    Is this normal? - funny chewing

    my guinea pig (butters) has been chewing in a strange way and I DONT KNOW WAS IS RONG. I went on google to try and crack the case but could not find anything. When she chews she sticks her tong out and opens her mouth really wide. I have owned her for about 5 years and she has never done this...
  4. bumbling-bambi

    Shower Thought: Guinea Pig Edition- Weird Whiskers!

    So Phillip has beautiful long whiskers to go with his lovely blonde hair... all in all he's a very pretty boy - if he was a human he would probably be swanning his way down a catwalk and i think he knows it! Now Womble, well he's a totally different story - he's to put it kindly just a bit...