weird pig

  1. Guinea moma

    Is this normal? - funny chewing

    my guinea pig (butters) has been chewing in a strange way and I DONT KNOW WAS IS RONG. I went on google to try and crack the case but could not find anything. When she chews she sticks her tong out and opens her mouth really wide. I have owned her for about 5 years and she has never done this...
  2. bumbling-bambi

    Shower Thought: Guinea Pig Edition- Weird Whiskers!

    So Phillip has beautiful long whiskers to go with his lovely blonde hair... all in all he's a very pretty boy - if he was a human he would probably be swanning his way down a catwalk and i think he knows it! Now Womble, well he's a totally different story - he's to put it kindly just a bit...