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Junior Guinea Pig
Nov 3, 2016
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Hampshire UK
So Phillip has beautiful long whiskers to go with his lovely blonde hair... all in all he's a very pretty boy - if he was a human he would probably be swanning his way down a catwalk and i think he knows it!
Now Womble, well he's a totally different story - he's to put it kindly just a bit weird! he has short frazzled whiskers and certain doesn't have the volume of them that phillip does.
So in the shower this morning it suddenly crossed my mind - does the fact that he has weird whiskers affect him? He's a little bit special - he runs into things fairly often and I'm always watching him like a hawk for hay poke! I have to be especially careful in the toys i buy for him so he can't hurt himself with them... to put it bluntly he's a bit of an idiot.
Even in his personality he is the polar opposite of Phillip - Phill is really chill (see what i did there!) and likes to laze about munching away. whereas Womble... well he is into everything, he popcorns constantly to the point sometimes i think he's having a fit (he isn't he's just really easily amused) and he's just clumsy... If he were a human he would be Mr Bean or baldrick from blackadder...

Do any of your pigs have weird whiskers and if so do you think it affects them?
I just thought i'd share because it gave me a good chuckle trying to compare the piglets to who they would be in human form! I've left a picture of Womble and his odd whiskers so you can all see what i mean and know that i haven't just been driven mad!14520511_1207202739302610_6030557495729917297_n.jpg
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