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funny guinea pigs

  1. LuluThePiggy

    My piggies having a little argument* 😂

  2. Livvysquish

    Spice loves stretching her front paws out

    I have very rarely caught it on camera but she's started laying like this more often. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Her floofy little legs and her pink feet. :wub::wub:🌸 (Ignore the poops, I have a herd of 6 and it's cleaning day tomorrow hahah)
  3. TinaY

    Entertainment video - when Donuts thinks he is forgotten

    Every single day after their floor time (half of my office is their second home and they are lucky that I work from home):lol:. The same desperation that he was left behind :lol!:. To be fair, Donuts is the alpha piggy, but always ends up napping behind the door so I get him out by taking...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    The true accommodation for piggies

    (this is a bit of a jokey thread🤣) During my little vacation I dragged my partner to a little zoo and there was of course some guinea pigs! The cage was actually very big and housed five of the little cuties with adorable mini houses and mansions etc. This little guy in particular made me...
  5. jesse1234

    escape artist piggy

    just a fun story i thought i'd share about my newly discovered ninja of a guinea pig... my boy oswald is very outgoing and determined so his attitude is not surprising, but his sudden agility is. just yesterday, i noticed he was shoving his face through the bars of his cage and pushing the side...
  6. raining.ashes

    Nursing Sow Screams to get away from babies

    Honestly, I can't tell if it's a cry for help or food, but it still gives me a good laugh. Vivi, my 7 minth old mom of 4 new borns will stand and the middle of her cage and scream/wheek until I either feed her or take her away from the kids. After a while she starts wheeking again and I put her...
  7. Jesse's pigs

    Floortime Madness -i Apologise If I've Shared Some Of The Video Before.

  8. PerpLexxity

    Testing My Patience Ooooo

    Hello everybody, So today while I was cleaning the guinea pigs cage Gizmo decided to jump out of their playpen! He’s jumped out of his cage before *it now has a top dont worry* but never their playpen smh. Cleaning the cage is the job I hate most but of course I do it in a timely manner...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Is It A Dog Or Mo?

    Does anyone else's guinea pig roll over?! Mo does :lol!: if I stroke him near his belly he rolls over like a dog- must be ticklish! And (as you'll see in the video) when he gets a bit over excited... (This video was taken ages ago Mo was a baby) here I decided to get 'crafty' and make a...
  10. Jesse's pigs


    I never realised how fun floortime could be! The first time I tried it with Mo, I was rather nervous - and he stuck by my side so I think he was too :lol!: but eventually he learnt that my bedroom floor was a safe space and went mental! Now I get them out together as much as possible. I...
  11. court29x

    Excitable Piggies!

    My 2 girlies have just turned 2.5 months old and they are still as excitable as ever! However enjoyable it is to watch them popcorn about and run around like little rockets, they are quite hard to calm down when it comes to handling them! :)) I'm not worried as eventually after about 10 mins...
  12. E_Blackaby

    Popcorning Or Something Else?

    Hi! Basically I adopted one of my 4 pigs Poppy about 2 weeks ago (she came paired with my other girl Gigi) and she's great I love her she's so lively and naughty. She just keeps doing this weird little thing I have included some screen shots from a video I took to show you because I couldn't...
  13. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs

    Thank you for watching. This video is from winter, they're going on the grass now.
  14. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs

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  15. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs

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  16. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs

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  17. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs

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  18. Animal lover

    Birthday Guineas

    Happy Birthday to Raj And Cucumber for the 1st of February. Like and Subscribe.
  19. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs

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  20. Animal lover

    Guinea Pigs

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