white discharge

  1. Zoroastor

    Cottage Cheese

    Our piggy, Fluffy, has had a low appetite. When our daughter told us, we checked him to find some crusted eye discharge and a “cottage cheesy” like substance in the inside corners of his mouth. I’ve seen that this can be associated with thrush, but he has no other scabs, sores or redness...
  2. L

    Strange purring and bum ?

    My guinea pig when put with his other Male friend purrs a lot and lifts his butt to show what looks like a prolapse or possibly a clogged grease gland whereas when he is sat normally and calm it’s not visible ? I will attach pictures.
  3. Prasiddha

    White pasty discharge - female guinea pig

    Dear friends, You all know fluffy very well.she is a year old piggy (heart piggy).she has had consecutive litters (accidental). Few minutes back I lifted her for floor time. I was checking her throughout if she is healthy looking. I observed a white pasty discharge in her vaginal area. Even...