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white guinea pig

  1. MorskoPrase

    Lethal Whites or just blind PEWs?

    Hello. I recently adopted two young guinea pig boars who needed a home from someone who had an accidental litter. They both are white with red eyes. Their father was a white guinea pig with red eyes and I think the mother was as well. When I took them home, after some interaction and...
  2. B

    White piggy Turninh Black?

    Just asking for a bit of advise really..... never had a white piggy before, but our boy, Mike, is all white..... recently (since the loss of his brother - maybe coincidence) his fur has started to change and get darker. Is this normal? Or should I be concerned at all? TIA. Becky x
  3. kitkat1

    Blue Eyed Guinea Pigs?

    So I was just doing some research on the forum when I come across a sticky thread that talked about guinea pig eyes. It said how there can be dark, red, ruby, and blue eyes. This caught me by surprise because I actually had never known that guinea pigs could have blue eyes. It said that is it...